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This page is intended for reading by those judging the site for inclusion in affiliate programs. If that's not you, you may be wondering What is an affiliate program?

If you have the job of judging websites to see if they are worthy and appropriate for being on your affiliate program, there are some important things to be aware of about Zyra's website, and it would be much appreciated and good for future business if you take the time to read this:

So, have a look around the site, check to see if you are already on. If in doubt ASK. Also check, as there may be a category which you may wish to be in, or some other appropriate place from where you would like to be linked. Go on, check it!

If you decide YES, then great! Whe-Hey! Thanks for including me in your affiliate program. I hope we both make a lot of money!

If you decide NO, then you should write in and explain some good reasons, so we can maintain an amicable relationship! It's best to get on well with everyone.

Anyway, why do merchants ever turn down an affiliate website? Why?

If you can't afford an affiliate program, don't worry. There are other things that can be arranged.