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Mercator is a jewellery workshop dedicated to designing and crafting work of uncompromising quality. Mercator manufacture bespoke cufflinks and necklaces in solid sterling silver and in 18ct gold.

Well done to Mercator for giving Zyra.org.uk a chance to be an affiliate. Here is some of the hand-crafted text from Mercator themselves:

"At Mercator, we both design and craft each cufflink, necklace and keyring by hand. Every piece is hallmarked, individually made to order and hand-polished at our London workshop by our own experienced and talented craftsmen. Accessories for him, for her, for all occasions Cufflinks, Keyrings, Necklaces, Bracelets and Earrings
Our clients include Asprey & Garrard, Fortnum and Mason, Thomas Pink, Ede & Ravenscroft, Hugo Boss, Jaguar Racing, The Victoria & Albert Museum and The Tate Gallery. 

We both design and craft each piece to order in Sterling Silver and in 18ct Gold by hand, at our London Workshop. Every design is hall-marked. Our non-silver fashion range - colourful ideas for everyday.

Mercator was formed in 1995 as a jewellery workshop, dedicated to designing and crafting work of uncompromising quality. Our workshop is in London and encompasses the disciplines of both the jeweller and those of the polisher, side by side. This is often rare in a jewellery workshop but it gives us the unique opportunity to control and improve the quality of all our work at every stage of manufacture. Hand-polishing gold and silver is a unique art that takes years of skill and care to master; our craftsmen are among the finest in the business."

There was previously a link to the http://www.mercatorlondon.co.uk affiliate program with TradeDoubler up until August 2004 after which Mercator changed business plan to concentrate more in the wholesale customised jewellery market rather than dealing directly with customers. So, if you would like a production run of 25000-off in a special design to your specifications, contact Mercator on +44 (0)20 8870 3938 and mention ZYRA put the word in. That's Zyra.ORG.UK!

Or, if you are a customer looking to buy a special item of jewellery, Zyra.org.uk has many other helpful references at the category: JEWELLERY