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We are currently hosted across and/or have an affiliate arrangement with the following ISPs (web hosts)...

(for front pages see Zyra Sites, which includes STATUS LAMPS!)

Vivostar (main domain of this site www.zyra.org.uk was previously at Web Impact and before that it was at Freenetname)

LineOne *

OneTel * - Shucks!


BT Internet *


Strato *

Mad As A Fish *

1&1 *

One.com *

Web Intellects *

IBG Hosting *

Tiscali *

Data Jack *

Pipex *

fasthosts *


Use Next

Demon *




Web Impact

Servers - Data Recovery
If you run an ISP, make sure it keeps running. In case of failure, it's very important to have a Recovery Solution. Terabytes of data can be recovered by remote control! Here's a useful contact to know:
Ontrack : Remote Data Recovery

Toucan *

PaNETma - a well-recommended Internet service provider in Panama

Omnis *

UK Online *

Plus Net *

be *

Freeola - unmetered dial-up ISP

Eclipse *

Virgin.net * - They kicked us off!

V21 * (unmetered access)

EasyNet Dial * (awin)

Applica Broadband *



Value Hosting of Australia * ()a

Active ISP (awin) pan-European *

Whizx.co.nz New Zealand domains and hosting * - was with Clickbank

Web Fusion with Pipex and 123 reg *

Beam Host.co.uk * ()

UltraHosting * ()

1&1 Internet Ltd *

Simply.com (Gone!) web hosting and domains *

Nordic Hosting - 200 megabytes in Norway (Norid domains .no) *
Was http://nordichosting.com/?hop=zyra1 - sadly lost because of the Clickbank Problem

Zoom.co.uk (awin) * - Plus, Zoom.co.uk is also a famous name in FASHION

Claro Panama - with the Claro Data Stick USB 3.5G modem, and yes it can work in Linux

Hostway Australia * ()a

Virgin Media

NetAway * - Roaming International Internet Connection

Telewest UK *



Sonnet Internet * - still looking into this! (aarc)

* = affiliate program

If you run an Internet hosting company, don't miss out. You can be on this list, especially if you have an affiliate program

Unmetered Access Internet connections are also talked about at the Unmetered Internet Page

For a much faster Internet connections, see Broadband

Also see Xyroth's ISPs page

Also see EasyNet Dial , Metatank , and Applica Broadband

For web hosting in Australia, see Value Hosting

Satellite Internet in North America: DirecTV , Rapid Satellite / Direcway

Make sure your ISP can cope with IPV6. It's like a more recent version of making sure you can cope with being Year 2000 Compatible!

For uploading to ISPs, see FTP

ISPs (Internet Service Providers) are companies who provide a connection to the Internet. This may be a dial-up pay-as-you-go, a dial-up unmetered, broadband, satellite link, or something else. The term "ISP" tends to refer to this service, the connection, although it's also associated with WEB HOSTING which is the storage and serving of website pages to the world. Also see how to get a website

Also see the set of front pages of Zyra's sites which also goes on about some things to do with ISPs!

How you too can get your own website - For detailed method, see The Free-Website acquisition page

I am reliably informed that there is a LIST OF FREE ISPs at DMOZ at... http://dmoz.org/Computers/Internet/Web_Design_and_Development/Hosting/Free/ ... which it says is free hosting links. However, one of the key features of MY free ISPs is that there is no advertising apart from that which I have put on!

Note: The only advertisements on my sites on these ISPs are ones that I have put there. You can have a free webspace and you don't have to put up with ISP-PLACED ADVERTS and annoying pop-ups. If you sign up, you can have free space with no adverts. Plus, if on my site you see anything like this:

It's an advertisement!

... then it's because I have put it there, which means that if you click on the advert it helps to fund MY SITE and not MY ISP. Having said that, my ISPs don't do too badly really, because I have given them all a write-up! Also see Zyra Sites and Advertising Policy