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We are all mourning the disappearance of digital Connie! However, despite her absence AOL are still offering great deals on Internet connection. Have a read of their information below.


"AOL is a leading provider of digital communications and content to UK consumers. AOL offers dial-up, broadband, voice and portal services and has more than 2.2 million subscribers in the UK, including more than one million on broadband.

AOL subscribers in the UK spend more than two hours a day on average connected to the Internet. The AOL service and portal deliver a range of market-leading online content, including music, film, sport, news, shopping and community, as well as email, instant messenger, VOIP, safety and security features. AOL is also one of the leading online destinations for advertisers in the UK.AOL

The AOL branded services are supplied to UK subscribers by AOL Europe Services SARL, a company in the AOL group based in Luxembourg. AOL (UK) Limited provides marketing and other support services. Both companies are part of AOL Europe, a business unit of AOL LLC, which operates a leading network of Web brands and is a majority-owned subsidiary of Time Warner Inc. AOL subscribers in the UK spend more than two hours a day on average connected to the Internet.

About AOL Across the World

AOL is the world's leading interactive services provider. About AOL is the place to come for all your information needs about the business.

AOL is one of the world’s largest and most trusted Internet Services providers.AOL

33 million customers worldwide already connect to the Internet through AOL’s dial-up and Broadband services.

We offer our customers a wide range of content including news, entertainment, sport and exclusive music sessions as well as a range of online tools that enable them to do more online".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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www.aol.co.uk affiliate program is now with The New Buy.at. Sadly, the program has now finished and the page has had to be Bunged Up. In the meantime, for alternatives please visit our Broadband page.