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The motto of OneTel is "Go on, go One better - OneTel". OneTel UK provides a UK phone service which is generally cheaper than British Telecom , especially for international calls. When I signed up to OneTel it was possible to have OneTel in addition to BT, and so have the advantages of both! To find out more about this, visit: OneTel

OneTelAs well as having good value phone call tariffs, OneTel also have the role of Internet Service Provider, and this includes a free webspace which is done properly! No silly banner adverts and pop-ups! See an example at Zyra's OneTel site.

In the words of OneTel: "One.Tel offers much more than just local, national and international telephone services, we also offer... the following range of our products:

• One.Tel Landline with low call plans and rates that save you money while keeping your existing telephone line and number.

• One.Tel Internet Narrowband with a great range of internet packages to suit you, whatever time of day or night you prefer to use the internet.

• One.Tel Broadband With fast download speeds, between 10 and 40 times faster than standard modems, and an 'always on' connection Broadband brings the internet to life.

• One.Tel Landline UKTalk proposition - BT customers are guaranteed to save money with One.Tel whatever plan they choose to take from InternationalTalk, LeisureUKTalk & TotalUKTalk.

• One.Tel Mobile: Sale on handsets - With great deals including Siemens A52 for free on a 4.99 a month tariff or even a Sony Ericcson T610 for free on a 24.99 a month tariff which is inclusive of 120 minutes and 50 text messages.

• One.Tel ISP: Half price for first three months with our UnlimitedHours Internet package - This very competitive offer supports our fantastic range of plans to suit individual needs".OneTel

To find out more, Visit OneTel

Other useful notes: OneTel as an ISP was one of the first Internet companies to be progressive thinking enough to abandon the Microsoft assumption and to make their Internet sign-up service available for LINUX!

Signing up for a OneTel phone account is free, and then you also get a free directory enquiries service (or at least you DID! (up until 2005/10/31*)). To use this requires having a OneTel account and using 118 111 from your own home phone. Remember to put 1877 in front for it to be via OneTel and therefore free. So, that's 1877 118 111, from your own BT phone, after having signed up for a OneTel account here. (check to see current status of the ?free? directory enquiries).

When talking to the people at OneTel, it's best NOT to phone OneTel themselves from a CORDLESS phone, as they will ask you your password, and cordless phones are not private! (Really?)

A OneTel free webspace can store many megabytes of data and it's possible to upload large files. But if you find your website becomes very popular, you may find bandwidth limits cause some of the images to fail to display all of the time. If this happens, don't worry, just move some of the high-demand stuff to another webspace. This is easy to solve if you know about it. See Zyra's status lamps page to see if any of the webspaces here are "throttling" at all! I have managed to overload the bandwidth that the server at OneTel had allocated to my webspace, but it coped with quite a lot of bandwidth before it played up.

If you would like to have a OneTel broadband connection AND a free OneTel webspace you can (according to the people on the helpline) achieve this by having BOTH a broadband connection and a dial-up connection. The dial-up connection is free, and so is the webspace!

OneTel's affiliate program was with UK Affiliates

If you're a potential customer reading this it's worth knowing this info sent by OneTel early in 2004: "At 1.5p per minute, the CasualAccess package remains excellent value for money. And unlike many other Pay As You Go Internet services, you’ll pay the same low rate 24 hours day. You can go online anytime and there’s still no minimum charge or connection fee".

My advice on pay-as-you-go dial-up Internet is: If you're online for less than 30 minutes per day on average, go for pay-as-you-go, but if you average more than that, go for an unmetered access connection. OneTel have these, and broadband, and you can find out more.OneTel

To find out more, Visit OneTel

More info by OneTel: "One.Tel are the No.1 alternative Communications provider to BT. Their range of landline, mobile and internet plans are individually designed to offer great value, but can also be bundled together to offer further savings.

For example, all UKTalk call plans offer FREE weekend calls and guaranteed savings for BT customers, plus you can get unlimited 512k Broadband for only 19 when you bundle it together with TotalUKTalk, the anytime call plan".OneTel

To find out more, Visit OneTel, however you can't any more as they have now been taken over by Talk Talk

* Date format [Year/Month/Day] is neither UK nor US, but simply a matter of good computer logic. See date format

OneTel may be OK as an ISP, but its days as a web hosting are over as far as I am concerned. The page about OneTel was at OneTel and it had to be moved to Zyra India because it had been throttling.Old OneTel Lamp!

Update late 2010: OneTel's dial-up ISP has become almost unusable. Shame. However, this may have some connection with the takeover by Talk Talk, it's hard to say for sure.