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Date Format in use at this site

At Zyra's website the dates are specified as Year/Month/Day. This is not the UK format which is Day/Month/Year, nor is it the US format which is Month/Day/Year. It is the format decided by having the largest item first, then the next largest, and finally the smallest.

So, for example, the last day of October in the year 2005 is specified as 2005/10/31 here, in contrast to the UK format 31/10/2005 or the US format 10/31/2005. Computers sometimes try to make fun of you by starting up and saying "What's the Date, DUMMY?!", or at least that what they seem to be saying if you catch it out of the corner of your eye. What they're saying is "What's the date DD-MM-YY"! But here, we're no DD-MM-YY! The correct order is YEAR, then MONTH, then DAY!

It just makes more sense putting the largest first, and then computers sorting items into order find the alphabetical order is the SAME as the chronological order!

Applied to hours:minutes:seconds, it's like instead of saying "Time is now fifty seconds past five and twenty minutes past one in the morning", saying "Time is now 01:25:50".

Time, incidentally, is measured according to what time it is, not what time the government legislates it to be. See GMT, and, in good time, we will might yet see local time specified as well according to the longitude of the tax haven that Zyra moves to!

Update: Zyra has emigrated to Panama which is in the timezone GMT -0500 hours.

So, when you see a date and time mentioned, such as at the What's New Index, as well as at numerous pages such as OneTel, you will see the time specified in computer logical order!


Year/Month/Day ... Hours:Minutes:Seconds

Incidentally, the Long Now Foundation have started using YYYYY, as in years specified in five digits. For example, the year 2012 would be 02012. This makes good sense when you're planning things ten thousand years into the future.