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It is my intention to advance the creation of this site by inclusion of various good ideas thought up here or suggested by many people and from a variety of sources. All positive input is welcome.

Here's a few website policies established so far:

Policy of Continuous Improvement

PLANS - the importance of GOOD CONTENT

Page Policy (deep linking) - stability of page names

Interlinkedness - the way everything is connected

Advertising policy at this site - selective, not distracting

Relationships with Zyra's website - how the dedicated page at this site work

Privacy Policy - reasonable, sensible, honourable, but not bureaucratic

Special note to affiliate merchants: This site does not pay PPC Search Engines for other people's trade-names! See Pay-Per-Click Search Engine policy! And, of course, it goes without saying that we don't do Incentive driven leads either!

Just in case you're wondering, there is now a Policy against Fraudulent Leads to distance this site from various kinds of fraudulent affiliate misbehaviour.

We don't sign unfair contracts. You too should avoid signing unreasonable unfair contracts. See guideline to smallprint clauses. Good companies should avoid having bad contracts, as it puts off affiliates who have good sense!

Confusion surrounding the (mis)interpretation of the FSA by various financial/insurance sector companies is dealt with at the clarification page The DISTINCTION between Merchant and Affiliate content

Policy of participation: You can help advance the quality of this site by making contributions. Links to contacts/sites etc and pages of useful and/or interesting information will be added. This is good for ALL, but it's particularly good for those who are using this site as their bookmarks.

Fault reporting: If you see any open links, mistakes, omissions, please mention, and I will try to correct them on the next issue of this site.

Reciprocal Links Policy: Having proper reciprocal links that are FAIR and are for folk, not for searchy things.

Bad Links: Specific reporting of BAD LINKS. These are especially important to get corrected.

Content Rating: Notes on the content rating and ICRA filter declarations at this site.

Policy of Compatibility: It is intended that this site is viewable on any browser.

Policy of propagation: If you like this site, please tell your friends. That is, people you respect and will help in times of need. (not some ridiculous redefined half-baked notion of "friends").

Talking of which...

"No Facebook" Policy: This site is not on Facebook, does not link to Facebook, does not have stupid "follow us on Facebook" naff icons, and is not a conspirator in the evil in which Facebook is involved. Down with Facebook

"No Retargeting" Policy: Those annoying advertisements which spookily follow you around the Internet because somehow someone is SPYING ON YOU? We don't do them. This site does not do Retargeting. It stinks.

Paid-for Links: Zyra's policy on having paid-for links on pages at this site is a bit fussy, and links have to be ethical to Zyra's satisfaction.

Cookies Policy: There are no cookies at this site, except in the periphery (_underline pages)

Other issues:

Incoming spam policy

Outgoing spam policy

Date format

Copyright and Fair Use