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This site is NOT on Facebook

We protest against evil AntiSocial Networks!

This site is not having anything to do with the downright nasty business of Facebook. This site is one of many that are part of a protest against the misuse of personal data. Let's boycott Facebook. Down with Facebook! Stalin's Russia was pretty bad, with its dystopian control, spying on people, maliciously infiltrating of people's lives, etc, but at least it had the minor saving grace that it didn't infest the entire world. But now we are seeing a cultural environmental disaster which beggars belief. Therefore, let's keep out of it.

This site is not on Facebook, does not link to Facebook, even from the Social Networking page, is not involved with any business to do with Facebook, and notably it does not have those stupid little Facebook icons on it, not anywhere. There are no "like" buttons, no insidious little Facebook icons, no ridiculous "join us on Farcebook" or any other aspects of the deplorable spying empire.

When you see a "Facebook Icon" on a website, Facebook can spy on you. If you have been daft enough to sign up to Facebook, your visits to websites that have a Facebook icon are recorded by Facebook. They can track your every move. Even if you haven't got a Facebook account, they can still track you, but at least they don't know who you are.

If The AA did that (I hasten to add, they don't), then in effect they would be able to follow your car on every ANPR camera. If that was going on, you'd not join, would you?! So, don't join Facebook!

In case you're wondering how this paranoid-sounding scam can be performed, it's quite easy: Any image that's remote-served on a different website can be tracked by the website whence the image was served. That's how Stats work, and also it's one of the reasons this site doesn't have remote-served banners in most of its affiliate pages.

It is amazing how many websites still have those naff "join us on Facebook" icons on their pages. They are giving away your personal data to Facebook, which is a company I consider to be evil.

No!I created a "No Facebook" banner/icon in case people were looking for a Facebook icon here. Well they won't find one! Instead they'll find a "No Facebook" banner/icon and then they can read the page Down with Facebook! It's important to spread the word and to tell people about the problem, before it's too late. It's a bit like those few years before the Second World War where some people were aware that Nazi Germany was likely to become a threat to world peace but hadn't invaded anywhere yet.

By the way, if you'd like to pinch my "No Facebook" icon, please copy it onto your own site rather than remote-serving it. That way, it will save my bandwidth, and also I won't be able to track you ;-)

Also, if you'd like to help in protesting against the cancer upon the Internet, you are welcome to link to me. I have a front page and a sensible deep linking policy, so you can link to any page and be confident it will remain there!

If you agree with what I'm saying, you are welcome to email me. Also, tell other people about my website! If enough of us want to, we can start a huge "Boycott Facebook" campaign. A good start would be boycotting all websites that have Facebook icons on them. This idea is also featured on the page Replacebook and also in the commentary about the worthless Facebook advertising