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AA website: www.theAA.com (affiliate link)

Automobile Association - AA Rescue, the famous UK car breakdown recovery firm

The AA: "www.theAA.com has everything the motorist and traveller could need. Customers have access to more than 30,000 pages, helping them to find routes, get motoring information or plan a trip away, as well as purchase products and services online. The AA offers much more than simply breakdown cover and insurance and the web site reflects this. Customers are now offered a more diverse shopping range than ever before, from booking a package holiday to buying a car online. The AA is a trusted source of finance and motoring services and is seen as an influential advisor in these two areas. Giving users access to tools like insurance quote calculators and car-running costs means www.theAA.com is a valued information resource. Additionally, customers who purchase motor or home insurance online get a 5% discount on their premium. The AA is offering here: UK Breakdown Cover, Car Data Check, Home Insurance, Car Insurance, Travel insurance, and Driving School."The AA

You can Join the AA, buy insurance, etc, by linking to www.theAA.com and signing up. There is a lot more information about the AA there, and there are links to various other useful services.

You used to be able to sign up online here: The AA

Affiliate program is now with Affiliate Window

The AA Emergency rescue phone number: 0800 444 999 (emergency only)

Did you know? The AA offers much more than just breakdown cover! Here are some of the AA's services:

For all this and more, visit The AA whose web address is: www.theAA.com

The AA 2012: "As the largest provider of breakdown cover in the UK we are able to offer a market-leading service with a high-capacity network of breakdown patrols, combined with sizeable online discounts on our already great-value packages".

Remember that there are discounts for placing orders online.

What AA customers get:

At The AA they say "Covered 365 days / 24hrs a day in any vehicle, Our patrols are highly trained and equipped, We’ll always find the fastest route to you with the help of global positioning and satellite navigation, AA doesn’t charge extra for labour if a roadside fix takes longer than expected, You’re the member not the car.

Perhaps you’re planning a trip to see relatives and need to check traffic along your route. Or maybe you’re hopping across to Europe on a short break. Whatever your plans for the coming holiday, make sure you’re prepared.

And remember, once you’re already an AA Member, your Membership card will give you access to a number of specially negotiated discounts, from 20% off food from outlets at Moto service areas to special savings across Europe and USA through the Show Your Card! scheme. Check out the latest list of benefits".The AA

Welcome back to The AA!

I feel there is a certain poetic allegory here. Nothing is 100% reliable, whether it be your vehicle's engine components, or the tyres, or an affiliate program. However, the resourceful person carries a spare, and/or tools and parts to be able to fix things that go wrong. It's almost as if, in the case of The AA, after their affiliate program went flat, they soon repaired the situation and are now back up and running again!

www.theaa.com affiliate program is now with Affiliate Window. Sadly, the program has now finished and the page has had to be Bunged Up. In the meantime, for alternatives please visit our Car Breakdown Recovery page.

Also now on TV: John Cleese "Thanks for gracing our bathroom with your motoring skills!". How about that? The AA in the business of repairing plumbing and Bathrooms. It's true. You can join the AA and get your home covered for the "Home Breakdowns". This is the AA Home Emergency Response. You pay a small membership fee and then if things go wrong, The AA turn up and fit it!