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AA-Cars - Alistair Arundell's company - The link to was kept online until 2011/08/14 when the link was no longer there.The AA - motoring organisation

AA - the Automobile Association

AA - Alcoholics Anonymous 0845 769 7555 uk

AA Clothing - Clothing from Italy

AA Time - Designer Watches

American Airlines - also linked from the Airlines page.

AA Cells - These are batteries, cylindrical in shape, and about finger thickness, different to AAA cells which as as thin as a pencil.

AA Battery - Although in the electronic age this refers to batteries of the 1.5 volt type, in the 1940s AA Battery referred to Ack-Ack guns, anti-aircraft battery, defensive weaponry for shooting down incoming enemy aircraft. Later, a good term for this is "ECM" (electronic counter-measures), a method for destroying the advanced electronics in modern warplanes.

One of the things about being called AA, of AAA, or the AAA Ace company, is that you get your name FIRST on alphabetical lists.

Do you know of more "AA"? If so, e-mail me