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It is possible to use DEEP-LINKING to Zyra's website because of the page policy. (What's Deep Linking?)

The page reliability policy is to never delete a page, and to generally keep the pages reliably existent. So, if you see a page called Xanadu for example, at www.zyra.org.uk/xanadu.htm , you can reliably link to it from another site, knowing that it won't suddenly get renamed or moved to somewhere else.

YOU can link to ZyraThis is good for creators of other sites wishing to link to things within Zyra's site, and it's also friendly to search engines , which rely on pages remaining present once created.

So, if you would like your site to refer to a page at this site, yes! do it! You can rely on the page still being there.

Businesses who have a page on this site, for example Bycrofts at www.zyra.org.uk/bycrofts.htm can rely on their page being in the same place as when they saw it last!

Whereas Zyra's website is positive about deep linking, some sites are indifferent about it, and some are hostile! A bit silly really. So much so that there is a website www.dontlink.com to mock such folly!

Xyroth writes:

I came across a site that needs a mention on your deep linking page. it is a "name and shame" site for companies with bans on deep linking in their terms and conditions.


Often when you look at why, it has to do with poor understanding of security, interlinking and advertising.

In contrast, at Zyra.org.uk we say Please Link to This Site! As Zyra's website is interlinkedness-friendly and has a safe deep linking policy, you are welcome to link to a page. There are plenty to choose from! (see full list of pages). If you decide on a page to link to, please test your link to make sure it works and goes where you intend. For more about how welcome you are to link to pages in this site, see the material on the page Please Link to This Site. If you'd like a TITLE and DESCRIPTION, you are welcome to use the page title and the page description in your link code, and you can get these from the page you're adding a link to. (view / source)

See, it's much better than Social Networking! Plus, Having Your Own Website is less expensive, and gives you the power to link to whomever you choose, and for sites with sensible deep linking, to whichever pages you choose!