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If you like this site, please link to it!

Don't worry about the colour scheme! If you like Zyra's website because of the interesting and unusual content or the way it goes on about all kinds of odd things in quirky ways which defy convention and the mundane, please recommend it and link to it! We're not talking about piles of links set up to fool the search engines; We're talking about links for humans!

Support this site and help it to avoid falling into obscurity. The idea is to encourage people to visit sites that you appreciate. ZYRA's website www.zyra.org.ukOften just mentioning it in passing will do the trick. Like this: "Well, I was browsing around on the Internet the other day and I happened to find this bizarre website which seems to be about almost everything. It's Zyra's website ( www.zyra.org.uk ) and there are pages there about all kinds of strange things and it's written in a peculiar style which really takes the biscuit", or something like that. Make up your own shpiel and tell it how you feel.

Special Positive Note about linking to Specific Pages (deep linking) :

You can safely link to pages within the site, as pages stay in existence indefinitely. Yes, it's true, the site has a deep linking policy. So, in effect, you can select pages ad-lib from the full site index (there are plenty to choose from!) and link to them from your own site. So, you can say things like "I never would have believed it if I'd not seen it with my own browsotron; that eccentric Zyra character has a tea cup that contains a gallon of tea! See for yourself at www.zyra.org.uk/cupoftea.htm" (Be careful to make sure the links are right as the pages are spread across different webspaces, the main site being Zyra.org.uk , but others include Zyra.tv and Zyra.info , so for example if you want to link to the page which asks the question "What happened to the iceberg that sunk the Titanic?", it would be at www.zyra.tv/twater.htm ).

Of course you don't have to link to specific pages; just a link to the front page www.zyra.org.uk will help greatly, especially if you warn people in advance that it's a bit unusual and would take at least a week to explore the site and that they should not just spend a few seconds looking to see if there are a set of normal little navigation-buttons, which there clearly aren't. Trying to navigate  seven  nine thousand pages that way wouldn't exactly work and in any case the site is not normal and doesn't fit in with conventional pigeon-holes.

Zyra's website has been described as "an antidote to the inbox" and helps to relieve the monotony of work. So, if you'd like to help to cheer people up, please give this site a link.

And another thing, in case you ask, the site is child friendly :-)

"But I haven't got a website!" - Well, don't worry, you don't need to have a website to recommend Zyra's website. Zyra.org.uk business cardYou can have some business cards to print out and give away. (other ways to help this site). Also, if you'd like to have your own website with full-spec hosting, you can have it arranged at Vivostar for 30 GBP a year or thereabouts (figures correct at time of publishing). There are even ways of having a free website. See How to Have a Free Website. Whichever way we do this, the hope is to have decent links which do some good and get folk to come along a'browsing and have a visit and explore mid the vast eclectic realm that is Zyra's website.

Motives: Please link to this site because you like it and you would recommend other people to visit it. This is in contrast to linking to sites purely on condition they link back as a method of trying to influence Search Engines. Instead, link to Zyra's website because you like it and it's good!

"I never would have believed it if I'd not seen it with my own browsotron" - more about browsotrons explained from a future historical perspective at Toxic Drums at the page www.toxicdrums.com/browsotron.html