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How YOU can help this site

This website www.zyra.org.uk does a lot of good by being a useful reference and source of information, and does a lot of good by philosophical campaigns, and it makes money too. But a website's no good without people visiting it and being involved with it and that's what you can do. If you like this site and would like to help to promote and encourage the good work that is done here, there are various things you can do. You can...

1. Remember the address - ZYRA.org.uk

2. Visit the site, and BOOKMARK it for further reference in future, either by using This snazzy click-here add-to-favourites feature or by writing on a piece of paper "www.zyra.org.uk". Also see How to use This Site as your Internet Index and Bookmark . Explore the site. Have fun! Make this site THE place to visit to look for stuff, and to link to places. If you're very fond of it, make it your homepage (how to do this). Remember that if you can't find stuff via the site, I need to know so I can improve it!

3. Spread the word. Tell your friends. "ZYRA" and then it's .org.uk , like a .co.uk only instead it's .org.uk (as in "organisation"). (When mentioning it on the radio or on the phone, "ZYRA" needs spelling out as it's important to get it right). If you'd like a printable online business card, can do!

4. Remember that the site makes money by commission given for advertising links. It only makes the commission when someone actually buys something or spends money after linking to shops and businesses which are "affiliate links" on the site. It costs you nothing extra to buy via links on this site and yet I get paid, so by using the site as a shopping directory you will help to fund the site without it costing you anything!

5. If you find any mistakes or any ways the site can be expanded and improved, PLEASE MENTION! See Participation

6. If you have a website, please link to this site! This helps to encourage people to visit the site, and shows them that it exists. And, if they have never heard of it before, it may be quite a surprise. They may thank you for telling them about it!

Now there are those who would say "Why should we help that site?". The thing about it is that what's going on here is mutually helpful for all. Yes, it's true it makes money, which is all very capitalistic and I could become very rich because of it. But it's not a selfish and greedy setup, and the philosophy to improve the world and to enlighten the culture and generally promote reasonableness and doing the right thing IS GOOD! So let's promote it!

Also see Site Policies and About This Site

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