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How to use this site as your Bookmark and Index to the Internet:

It's interesting to see that an increasing number of people are using this site as their Internet Index or BOOKMARK. Instead of using "Bookmark" or "Favourites" and having a long list of stuff on their computer, they are just bookmarking ZYRA = www.zyra.org.uk and using the fact that the site tries to link to just about everything. This works quite well, and I have even heard of people in offices answering the usual "oh no another Microwhatsits crash has lost all my bookmarks!" with the reply "Well I've still got all my bookmarks; there's just the ONE and it's ZYRA = www.zyra.org.uk !"

So, here is the method by which you can do this:

1. Bookmark this site, either by using This snazzy click-here add-to-favourites feature or by writing on a piece of paper "www.zyra.org.uk", or by setting your homepage to http://www.zyra.org.uk - see how to do this (It's not difficult really)

2. PARTICIPATE, as much as as little as you care to. You can have extra stuff added to the site. Obviously there are some limits to this, but the site has been running for quite a long while now and so far just about everything that has been suggested has actually been added to the site! This is one of the reasons it's got so many categories and so-many thousand items in the site index (all references within the site), and why a lot of the pages referenced have got so many links on them.

3. It goes without saying, that it would be nice if you would consider using the site as a find-it shop directory and buying stuff online via links which I get paid a small commission for, but this is not a prerequisite of the participation in the site nor the bookmarking. Advertising at this site is done properly. See Advertising Policy