This site, www.zyra.org.uk is being continuously updated, added to, improved. It is eccentric and individualistic, a reflection of the character in charge of it, and has a large amount of original content. Zyra's website imageThere are thousands of items in the site index and pages dedicated to a variety of subjects, and to companies, with links to places around the world. There is a free newsletter which you can get. See the circular list.

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You can participate in the goings-on at this site! Read the site policies page and see about linking here, adding stuff, generally creating a mutually-beneficial system. Many people are already using this site as their bookmark system and general-purpose encyclopaedic index to the Internet! (see how to do this)

Also, if you are judging this site for the purposes of affiliate programs, remember that it doesn't pay to be too ordinary in the 21st Century. Individuality is very good for business! There are now thousands of companies advertising on this site, a few on the shopping resource, but more in the categories. This is Select Advertising rather than Distracting Advertising. See Advertising policy at this site. Often, more often than not, a company gets a page dedicated to them and linked to really well! Important: If you are judging this site for affiliate programs, you really should read the Judging Page. Read this and make an informed decision. If you unwisely dismiss it out of hand, it may be at your peril!

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For more information on this website, the current issue or the site in general, how to get linked-to by the site, etc, you can write in and by e-mail and someone will most likely get around to replying sooner or later.

In 2012, a new set of pages were added explaining what Zyra's website is about, and introducing people to it for the first time. These pages are known as the welcome feature!