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Business Card:

Zyra.org.uk business card

Well, if I was there in person I'd probably pass you a business card, so to do this over the Internet, so as to save international postage, you can PRINT THIS OUT if you like!

This also helps my publicity for my website, having business card printed out and distributed at long-distance!

For bulk print-outs (trying my luck here) there's a page of ten business cards available here

The card literally says:



for something a bit different

or just be to busy, or lose this card,
or forget, not bother, or assume that
it's nothing interesting really.

The jest in the latter part of the card is expressive of a situation which happens normally with business cards, especially normal formal-looking business cards, where although the recipient politely accepted the business card, it was subsequently forsaken. Zyra's business card was always felt to have a better chance of action than most, as it was so unusual and effectively posed a non-ignoring challenge! It's an observant comical comment too, as most people don't have any practical means of dealing with stacks of miscellaneous business cards that they get given, even if they had the time and the inclination. However, there's good news on this, as there's a company that's made a breakthrough so you can get all those stacks andCardScan packs of other people's business cards and post them through a machine which processes them and puts all the useful data on your business contacts list file on your computer! How about that for business efficiency?! Take a closer look at: CardScan

I give away these Zyra business cards in person. The "cards" are not on card exactly, and are more usually on brightly coloured paper in different colours. I give these items away to people I meet, so they can be introduced to my website. Then in 2012, I had a banner advertising campaign, so I wrote a website front-end which has an introduction known here as the Welcome Feature. Giving you a business card online is now practical, if you can print it out!