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Facebook Advertising is Worthless?

GM voted with their feet, and they have very big feet!

But look, it's not just the great General Motors that's pulling the fluffy rug doormat out from under the crumbling empire of Facebook. Since people have started to realise they've been taken for mugs, the whole thing is starting to look very shaky, like a latterday DOT COM BUBBLE. Well, it could indeed by bursted.

Here are a few folks who have also sussed that Facebook advertising is worthless. This does seem to be the general zeitgeist. Ooh look, the emperor has got no clothes! ...






http://www.warriorforum.com/main-internet-marketing-discussion-forum/362294-facebook-useless-small-businesses-email-works-better.html - however, note that email advertising (spam) is at an all-time low for being any good at all!

http://www.uproxx.com/news/2011/04/report-facebook-investors-looking-to-dump-shares/ - Dump Shares, eh?







I have been horrified to see companies promoting Facebook on TV rather than their own websites. It's ludicrous. Even some quite well known companies that really should know better. But now they could be facing a massive boycott. People are now realising that Facebook is no longer kewl, and that many freedom lobbyists are decrying Facebook as the huge threat to personal liberty that it is. The boycott could mean that any websites that have those annoying little naff "f" Facebook icons will be blacklisted by an every-increasing section of the populace. There are already some basic systems to defeat those "f" little icons, No!see Replacebook. If I see a company is too far up Facebook's arse then it gets turned off here. The company, that is. Facebook was boycotted long ago. Here, Facebook is considered the biggest enemy of freedom and privacy in the world since the Third Reich! Also see NO to Facebook at this site!

There are people, including those who have lost a lot of money in the Facebook overhyped corporate stockmarket situation, who are saying "Facebook is Worthless". Well, I think that's putting it a bit strongly. I mean, before slavery was abolished, if you owned a lot of slaves, you'd not be worthless. All those people's treasured private information is worth a lot of money, and more fool them for selling their souls to Facebook in the first place! However, it's not that Facebook itself is "worthless", but more that the advertising on Facebook is without merit or value. What I mean is, if a company gives Facebook a lot of money to promote them, do they get a decent return on investment? No! Apparently mostly NOT! Many companies have complained that the Facebook advertising campaigns have proved at best fruitless and at worst "a dead loss".

This news comes at a time when splat adverts generally were showing very poor returns, and it wasn't that long ago that spam fell from grace a the new way to promote your company!

It's interesting to look with ghoulish intrigue at the list of names of companies who have put their advertising in Facebook. They are typically companies whose products are temporary, short-lived, transient things. Various personal hygiene products and business lines whose appeal is very shallow. Not ALL of the companies being promoted at Facebook are like that, but when you look, you'll see a surprisingly large percentage are.

We may yet see that even the manufacturers of bogrolls have some dignity and will be pulling out of the disastrous business model soon.

Note: Any company that leaves Facebook gets an implicit "Well Done!" here.

My main grumble against Facebook is the damage it has done to the cultural and socio-economic nature of the world. Ideas that the advertising is worthless are an additional question with which to probe the folly and fiasco which has been perpetrated upon the world.

Also beware of: pyramid schemes