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Down with FacebookFacebook

Down with Facebook!

When Facebook first started, it probably wasn't so bad. However, as time has gone on, Facebook has become more of a problem. People have started to regard it as the new evil, a problem in the world. In some ways, Facebook is more of a threat to global personal freedom than some of the world's worst governments.

There are various problems with Facebook, and various ways in which the Facebook Evil is manifested. To provide a detailed critique of all of the things that are wrong with Facebook is like trying to identify all of the things that were wrong with the Third Reich, however here are a few obvious things...

* Facebook has no privacy. There is crucially a failure to understand the importance of personal rights to privacy. It's a disaster.

* Facebook claims to own the copyright to anything which you put there. So, for example, if you put your wedding photos on Facebook, then Facebook grabs the copyright to them and then you no longer own them. Facebook is then allowed to misuse the images and also to sue you if you use your images. The same goes for any text you write. You could write a great book, and Facebook could grab possession of it. Don't let them get away with it!

* Facebook is a safe-haven for bullies. Trolls and bullies can persecute people and pretend they are their "friends". Targets of Facebook bullying include many types of people, but because of nasty way bullies think, the victimisation is most notably against the vulnerable, anyone who's different, minorities who face discrimination, and the bereaved. The Dead are humiliated on Facebook and their memory desecrated.

* Facebook is apparently allowed to get away with sending spam. The idea that Facebook sends spam is something which might initially be passed-off as spoofing, but really this seems unlikely considering the poor excuses given. Instead it looks like a cynical attempt to lure more people into joining Facebook!

* Facebook has people "on" there that clearly are not! There are dead people on Facebook, and people who are being impersonated, often to defame their reputation. It is a scandalous situation which no other company would be allowed to get away with.

* Facebook is a company that can be persuaded to obtain private information about individuals by evil governments. "Big Brother is Watching You" is something which the oppressive governments don't need to do themselves when they have got their tame stalking-horse Facebook doing the dirty work of spying for them. The fact that Facebook is actually located within the jurisdiction of the United States makes it in some ways an agency of the CIA. Although the USA when it started was a place about Freedom, it has since become a country that invades other countries and has concentration camps.

* Face Recognition Software. This is an excuse to soon have everyone on the police records of every country of the world. Don't let them get away with it! If you'd like a copy of George Orwell's 1984, download a free copy from Gutenberg. Don't sign up to Facebook and let the dystopian nightmare become a reality.

Eben Moglen, one of the creators of the Freedom Box (which includes social networking done properly!), comments in an interview that Facebook is bad for a various reasons as per... Inform on your friends by uploading their photo to Facebook! Therefore, if you believe in Freedom, you should not be a member of Facebook + complicit in their wrongdoing! If you are a member, Leave Facebook!

Face recognition software and its misuse is a big problem! Don't let them get away with it!

* Facebook costs you. Although it doesn't have a financial cost as a membership fee (which was a hoax), it costs you because of the cost to your reputation, which is a big problem. The damage to your reputation is incalculable. It is known as "Disgracebook" in some places.

My apologies for stating on some previous issues that there was a Facebook membership fee. I was misinformed. The hoax was so pervasive that it was believed by some people knowledgeable in the industry.

* Once your personal information is out, you can't put the genie back in the bottle. You are stuffed, and your life is indefinitely cursed. Once you've joined facebook, it's very hard to leave. The people at www.goodFBye.com try to help, but Facebook don't like that! There are countermeasures to try to make it even more difficult for you to leave. It's far better never to have got involved in the first place!

* There is a far superior alternative which is Having Your Own Website. That way, you are in control. You can put on there what you want, and you decide how much privacy you want. Your friends, (your actual friends, who respect you, not "friends" by the Facebook-devalued redefinition of the word), will interact with your Internet presence, and some of them will start having their own websites as well. More about this in the article Escape from Facebook

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http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Criticism_of_Facebook - even Wikipedia has started pointing out the problems!


In my opinion, Facebook is as bad for the Internet as Global Warming is for the ecology. Also, in my opinion, Facebook is the worst threat to personal freedom since the Nazi Gestapo. Fascists often fail because they are not subtle. In contrast, Facebook is insidious and an infestation upon the World Wide Web. Their misbehaviour with personal information and the control which that allows authoritarian government to have over people, is an outrage of epic proportions, the sort of thing Communist China would do if it conquered the entire world.

There are better Social Networking systems than Facebook, one of the most notable of which is Diaspora. See Why you should join diaspora now your freedom depends it. In effect, Facebook behaves like a disease upon The Internet, and the world will be greatly improved after Facebook is bankrupted. Long after Facebook has gone, your own Internet presence can continue. See How to Get your own Website. Note that Having Your Own Website is a far better thing! That way You are in control, not the corporate monstrosity.

As a matter of public information, the web address of Facebook is http://www.facebook.com

Also note that Google Plus is also regarded as Evil, as they have already gone against the Human Right of Pseudonymity/Anonymity. However, Google people learn by the mistakes and the Google Plus system could conceivably reform and start respecting such principles. If it doesn't, it's a sign that both Google and Facebook are both examples of tyranny. Google is currently (2012/09) looking bad because of the Google Problem, which goes further than deplorably worsening quality searches.

No!This site is boycotting Facebook. It is not on Facebook, does not link to Facebook, and won't have any of those stupid Facebook icons on the site either. They are a method by which Facebook can trace its  slaves  users every move! See Not on Facebook

Martyrdom comment: It has occurred to me, as a paranoid schizophrenic, that having spoken out about the deplorable evil that is going on, they might try to have me bumped-off, killed, assassinated. Well, they might try, and they might manage it. However, my death won't result in this page being lost, as I have set up a Trust to keep the site running after my death. Let's hope Facebook is bankrupted before that.

On the potential Facebook Bankruptcy, there is some good news: The stock price has plummeted embarrassingly and some notable investors have pulled out. Also there has been a general realisation that Facebook advertising is worthless and I say Well Done to General Motors for their wise move of pulling out of the Facebook dot-com-bubble before it collapsed.

In addition to the alleged worthlessness of advertising on Facebook, there's also the copious amounts of advertising done BY Facebook on numerous websites which allow splat advertising to plaster stupid banners all over their sites. Although this is annoying, it is Facebook wasting their money, and it looks like a last-ditch attempt to rope-in new customers. However, many people have already learnt (sometimes the hard way) not to get involved. People are really sick of seeing Facebook all over the place, and the recent spam-like splat advertising campaign may worsen public opinion against Facebook even further.