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How to Escape from Facebook and set up with Independence

It's not easy to escape from Facebook, but it can be done. Like escaping from jail, it's tricky because the people who run the place don't want you to go. In the days of slavery, slavemasters didn't want slaves to leave either. They were a valuable asset. Well, you might say, Facebook don't own you. But if you have signed their terrible contract, then in some ways they own you and your life. In contrast, if you were addicted to a hard drug, it might not "own" you, but the way the metabolism has you entangled in its tentacles, makes it difficult to leave. However, Good News is at hand, as you can Escape from Facebook. Here is a constructive plan on how to leave Facebook and to become someone with online Independence:

The people at www.goodFBye.com try to help, but Facebook don't like that! Nevertheless, the basic plan for the initial step of getting rid of your Facebook account is a first step. Read the rest of this first, though...

Next, you need to set up your own independent online presence. This is something which you can do if you have a modicum of intelligence and you are able to learn new things. Having Your Own Website is glorious, and you can say what you want online, and improve the world with your knowledge, and you can make money. Here's the instructions on How to Get a Website

Now we get onto the tricky bit, undoing the damage which has been done by being on Facebook. All the connections and things on there where people do those "social networking" things. You need to make a Final Statement on Facebook and state that you are leaving, and that all further interactions should go on via your own website. You then leave a link to your new website. That way, anyone looking around Facebook at where your "profile" was, now has your Final Statement and a link to your new website. Facebook may not like this, and they may try to claw you back, but they would find it difficult to prevent you leaving a final note, and even if they try to ban putting a link in, you could still state the name of the new website, and people should be able to follow the drift of what you are saying.

Next, The Content. On your new website, which replaces your Facebook account, you should be able to put up all of the stuff which you had when you were on Facebook. There is a minor problem which is that as part of the terms and conditions of  slave ownership  membership, you gave away the legal copyright to all of the stuff which you put on there. So now, if you use your own personal pictures and wedding photos for example, Facebook could in theory sue you. Now let's just think about that a while. Facebook claims to own the copyright to your stuff. However, if you now use it yourself and say on your own website "here's a picture of me", etc, then Facebook could take you to court. Now this is where it gets interesting, because they couldn't "win" exactly. Admittedly they could bust you, but the bad publicity would cost them so much. Imagine the headline "Facebook sues person for own photos". Folks would side with you. Facebook would look so bad, that they might have to slink. Either way, it would expose the evil for what it is.

Identity: Part of the problem of being on Facebook is that they own your web presence and therefore to some extent your identity and the goodwill of your name. It's quite difficult to recover this. One way around this is to change your name. If anyone asks, a person's Real Name is the name that person has at the time, and not something which they were lumbered with to start with. It's part of the Freedom of Self-Determination that you should be allowed to change your name. There's more about this on the page which was originally about the idea of having a superheroic/adventurous single name rather than the more mundane first-name last-name convention. However that page also contains stuff about the legal procedures to change your name so the authorities are forced to accept it!

You may also need to move home, so any ne'er-do-wells at Facebook can't track you down and stalk you. It's quite usual for a famous person to have an office address and a home address which are different. You can do this.

Your Privacy: At your new website, with your new personal info, you don't need to give it all away. YOU decide what is public about you and what is private. However, if you've already been part of Facebook, there are some things which you can never repair and never recover. If you have been silly enough to give away your date of birth, then there is no hiding it. The cat is out of the bag.

To get around the public "date of birth" problem, what some people do is to use a false date of birth on public areas. If you do this, it's best to use a false date of birth that is consistent and within a year of your actual date of birth. This isn't about lying about your age, it's about not giving away the private and unchangeable information of your date of birth. The Queen of England has an official "public" birthday and a private birthday which are on different days. You can do this type of thing with your public and private birthday, but you can actually keep the private date secret. Unfortunately, if you've already given it away, it's too late to undo that. So, what can be done about those people whose birthdays are already "out"? Well, I can help. Bearing in mind that some people have wisely given a false date of birth, I cast doubt upon any and all currently Facebook-owned data.

You can't do much about any defamation already committed and various stuff that your "friends" have disclosed (Hah! With friends like that, who needs enemies!). However, now that you are turning over a new leaf and giving up Facebook, you can craft your new identity on your own new website and place new information such that the nasties become less and less relevant. After a few years it should have fallen into the noise and become merely old gossip and naff rumour.

Your Future: Now that you have set up your own independent web presence, you control what you have at your own website. Other people may link to any of your pages, but they can't change your stuff. They can request that you change things, but it's up to you to decide whether to change anything.

Your real friends will respect this, and some of them may help. The more of us that have real websites that link to each-other, the better the actual Internet is, and the less we need naff no-privacy social networking. This is an important feature of the defeat of evil in the world.

As well as having freedom of speech online, with your own website you also have the change to make money. Yes, websites make money. If you'd like to make money with your own website, I recommend you join these low fuss affiliate networks and promote places that you like. If this, the money-making side of things, is something you are very keen on, you may be interested to read many of the pages at this site explaining about affiliate marketing companies, and How Affiliate Marketing Works. You may make a fortune, or you may not. However, the idea is initially that you make some money and cover your costs. It's "residual income" rather than a way to get rich. However, I can tell you in all honesty, I have become rich and I have emigrated to a tax haven. Then again, I have been an online entity for many years!

Now let's get back to the important points. You should avoid Facebook and if you're already a member you should leave Facebook. Not on FacebookNot on FacebookYou are doing this because of such important things as Freedom, Personal Privacy, and the right to self-determination. You can be part of the true Internet where you have these things. You don't need to muck about in a sordid corporate troll-bully schoolyard where garbage rumours by small-minded people are the news of the day. Move on, escape, and set up your own life!

Those links again: Having Your Own Website , How to Get a Website , and www.goodFBye.com