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Anti-Bullying Contacts

Don't let the bullies get away with it!

Help is at hand from various good contacts...


AntiBully.co.uk - and Anti-Bullying Week!

Bullying Online

Beat Bullying - home of the Virtual March against bullying

Bullywatch - was www.bullywatch.org


AntiBully.org Gone!

Anti-Bullying - Therapeutic Resources - gone. was http://www.therapeuticresources.com/21172text.html

The Register - re:bullying

Kismet Kids Foundation Gone! was www.kismetkids.org

Kidscape anti-bullying site

Childline 0800 1111 uk

NSPCC 0800 808 5000 uk

Education Otherwise

Sophie Lancaster Foundation - bullies who killed someone for looking different. They're not looking so big now there's a film!

www.bullyingcanada.ca - First Youth Created Anti-Bullying Website in Canada.


www.dfee.gov.uk/bullying - gone!
Don't Suffer in Silence! Well said!
(incidentally, if you want to watch the video, I don't think you need to put up with Microsoft either. Surely XINE in Linux can also run .mpg files can't it?)

Anti-Bullying Campaign (was http://www.anti-bullying.co.uk)

http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2006/jun/08/getridofmoyles - a remarkable insight into the way bullying is caused and egged-on by cultural influences of a sinister nature, (surely the BBC would be horrified to discovery they are funding such evil).

Robert Higgs.co.uk

www.itsmummy.com/bully.htm - UK Government accused of having institutionalised bullying

Kzoo.edu anti-bullying resources

Bullies to Buddies - was http://www.bullies2buddies.com/
teaches kids how to stop being teased and bullied without anyone's help and without getting anyone in trouble. The site features a complete, free online manual, How to Stop Being Teased and Bullied without Really Trying: - http://bullies2buddies.com/manual/kids/index.html


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Also, it's best to avoid Facebook. If you have already got involved, Leave Facebook. It appears to have become a hideout for trolls and bullies. You don't have to put up with it!

Any bad links? Report Them! (last verified ok 2011/03/13)

Also note: Bullying by means of TEXT MESSAGING and other high-tech means CAN BE TRACED! Get in touch with your service provider to get it monitored. Call your mobile phone company and the POLICE. Also see How to stop BT Text Messages and What to do about Hoax Phone Calls

Another thing that would help to defeat bullying would be to sack certain radio DJs who try to be funny by humiliating people.

Bullying is the cause of a large number of SUICIDES. This is not surprising. What's surprising is that the victims don't figure out methods of suicide that result in the death of the bullies.

Bullying is also a tactic used by some of the well-known religions to try to force you into believing in bizarre antiquated mythologies. It's especially important that you defy this. Don't believe in the nonsense, and never become the victim of submission-based religions.

Hidden Bullying: Be on your guard for under-the-radar instances of the culture of bullying. Such things are sometimes sold under the disguise of being "funny". For example, supposedly funny websites where celebrities are lampooned or inflicted with attacks of violence in simulation, comedy shows in which archetypes are ridiculed inducing prejudice in society, and embarrassing comedy acts where a leading character humiliates one or more stooges. You don't have to fall for this kind of cheap trick or believe the bully propaganda, however caused. Even if these comedy acts may seem at first sight funny, you can easily see through the smoke-screen by imagining yourself as the intended victim. It doesn't seem so funny then.

Besides inducing hate in society, these pernicious things also serve to reinforce a loser mentality by providing comedy which appeals to people who have low self-esteem. Celebrity hate is only funny if you consider yourself to be a no-hoper/born-loser. If you believe yourself to have any hope of worldly success, fortune and fame, etc, you can easily imagine yourself as the celebrity and see the character assassinations in a more realistic light. It could be you.

Bogus "comedy" is often clearly recognisable by its characteristic negativity. As soon as you spot the negativity it's then possible to start spotting the cheap underhand attacks against vulnerable minorities, and the personal hurtful attacks on individuals. Also check for audience members laughing not because it's funny but out of embarrassment and fear.