The Pay-Per-Click Search Engine policy at www.zyra.org.uk

Affiliate Merchants please take note that this site DOES NOT bid for keywords and pay money to pay-per-click search engines using other people's trade-names!

The reason why this site does so well on search engines is because it is a well-made site and is well-liked by people and by the systems of search engines.

We reserve the right to bid for generic terms on PPC search engines, but we don't use other companies' trademarks.

This site does not generally advertise on pay-per-click search engines, and usually quite the reverse is the case, as we advertise them! See search engines and submit your website.

This website is good at advertising your company, and if you find it is doing well on a search engine, you should THANK US, and know that we're doing a good job of advertising you!

Often, regarding the advertising of a particular company, Zyra.org.uk is the only website which has managed to get a link on a search engine pertaining to it, and will outperform the official site and various rivals of the official site, and will provide good advertising which only needs to be paid for on commission-only!

Also, we don't do Incentive hyped leads

If you have any doubts about any search engine results, positionings, keywords, or other concerns, please e-mail and be reassured everything is done properly!

Also see site policies, the judging page, and what is an affiliate program?

Note that Natural Search isn't anything to do with PPC.