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Cookie policy at this site

There are NO cookies at this site. (except in the periphery (_underline pages). For years and years Zyra's website has not had cookies in it, and has resisted attempts by merchants to include them. There are also no remote-served adverts (except in the periphery), and almost no splat advertising.

If you leave the site following a link to a merchant, it is typical for the merchant to put cookies on your computer. This is partly so sites like this can be paid rather than going unpaid. There are plenty of promotions for merchants here, for example at the shopping portal and the famous brand names , but you only get a cookie if you leave and visit the merchants via the links.

It's the responsibility of the merchants and the affiliate marketing companies to make sure we get paid, so please let them put cookies on your computer while they sort this out. You are welcome to clear the cookies out afterwards.

We also don't do any retargeting , so if you find any merchants are doing this, I recommend you clear the cookies out.

Also, in the line of privacy, this site boycotts and denounces Facebook. There are no naff Facebook icons or Facebook remote-served images which spy on you. See the NO FACEBOOK policy!

If the British Government really wants people to have privacy, they should have an education campaign warning people of the evils of Facebook.