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Underline pages
in the periphery of Zyra's website.

At Zyra's website it's usual to see dedicated affiliate pages as well as pages of informative content about diverse topics. To see a few dedicated affiliate pages, take a look at the shopping portal and link to some of the pages about the merchants.

You might notice that some of the companies have a link from their dedicated affiliate page to the company themselves, yet some of them have a strange inbetween page entitled "Actual Link Page".

These link pages have an underscore or underline (_) at the start of the page name. These are in the periphery of the site.

As well as live pages, there are also dead pages, and these are listed in the section of discontinued pages. This is because pages are generally never deleted.

The reason for having _underline _underscore pages is because the affiliate marketing company operating the affiliate program has links which inherently include an img src or a JavaScript or some other kind of externally-served object (for example, those at LinkShare). These can sometimes have cookies in them, and the banners aren't within the control of this site! So, to maintain editorial control of the site, and also to avoid cookies being put into your computer without your say-so, Zyra's website has a "periphery" which consists of pages specially made to contain the banners of affiliate merchants, tracking codes, and other stuff which is externally served onto the page from somewhere else.

Keeping this separate keeps the site content safely controlled while still allowing affiliate programs to work properly.

There is no problem if the affiliate marketing company has generic text links, as these can be used anywhere without any content snags being produced. Some affiliate companies allow for generic text links and some don't.

To find out more about affiliate programs, have a look at the pages about it here.