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This page is of no relevance to anyone reading it, so why does it exist?! Quite simply, a good webmaster never deletes a page. So, rather than having dead pages just hanging around they are all linked together. This keeps search engines happy, and reserves the templates on the pages linked-to so that if any of the companies associated with them get redeemed, then we can easily set them up again with links here!

Incidentally, this is not the same as the PAGE OF TEMPORARY SEARCHABLES which is for promoting new stuff and getting the linking working at the search engines. Also see the Alternative page of temporary searchables which is another attempt at getting pages noticed even if it looks like Internet censorship is going on by companies who we'd prefer to think are above that sort of thing!

To see a list of thousands of good items that are of interest and relevance in this site, look at the SITE INDEX !

Anyone wishing to browse the pages on the list at the end of this page, please note that they may contain cookies!

There is also a page discon2.htm but this is never published as it contains the set of pages which are about to be deleted and we don't want them to be on search engines. Offline the link to it would be here: discon2.htm , but online this is always changed to discon.htm (it exists offline to allow automated checking of broken links to work!)

Many of the pages mentioned on this page are discontinued underline pages which are in the periphery of the website. If a company moves to an affiliate program which does not need to have an underline page, the dead page is included here, even if the company is very much alive!

Also note that there is no disgrace at being on this page. It is simply a matter of good web-management practice to link everything together rather than deleting stuff! You can also link back up to the companies concerned and find out some of the reasons they have been discontinued!

Deal4f - a discontinued gambling link page.

_skydeal.htm - the discontinued Sky Deals link page.

The Motley Fool - affiliate page temporarily discontinued while a new affiliate program is sorted out.

_lttlehs.htm - they've swapped sides and moved to Buy AT.

_lx-dir.htm - they've jumped ship and moved to Buy AT.

_rdigest.htm - no link page required as there is now a direct no-cookie link! (at least, no cookies ON THE PAGE)

_airfarb.htm - hit rock bottom

_tote.htm - no flutter left

_musshop.htm - Looks like Museum Shop has disappeared!

_cangal.htm - Candles Galore has not closed but PlugInGo is no longer there!

_emherb.htm - Emperor's Herbologist is alive and well, but PlugInGo has gone, so no link page required!

The old Zyra.net redirect page, now replaced by a proper hosting www.zyra.net

The old Zyra.tv redirect page, now replaced by a proper hosting www.zyra.tv

The old Zyra.org redirect page, now replaced by a proper hosting www.zyra.org

_lasstrs.htm - Lasseters Casino is lucky in having a no-cookie direct affiliate link facility, so no link page required now.

ifcl0.htm - page used for demonstration purposes. Situation resolved and page-content moved back to where it should be, at ifcl.htm

_800.htm - gone!substitute image for moved GIF

_3M.htm - retired!

_tynke.htm - take a look at Betty's Attic!

_bensons.htm - maybe they've gone to find Hedges!

_rubiks.htm - quite puzzling!

_elisabethlc.htm - they've gone to find a zed!

_britannica.htm - Maybe they'd rather have a read!

_millets.htm - Jumped ship to another network!

_popsunf.htm - pop has left home!

_funtocollect.htm - people weren't having enough fun!

_oseats.htm - all seats are taken!

_mdsbats.htm - they have been discharged!

_expedia.htm - CJ let the program go!

_furndom.htm - possibly looking for a new lair for their chairs!

_barcard.htm - no longer any need for an underline page!

_toshiba.htm - no longer any need for an underline page!

_marks.htm - no longer any need for an underline page!

_golfgod.htm - gone for a drive!

_capit1.htm - no longer any need for an underline page!

_flybe.htm - no longer any need for an underline page!

_dot-tv.htm - see dot tv domains and 123-reg

_next.htm - program replaced with the new NEXT program!

_gerw-uk.htm - no longer need javascript!

_amkells.htm - gone!

_1acct.htm - gone!

_soviets.htm - gone comrade!

_asseen.htm - gone!

_directv.htm - gone!

_eangler.htm - gone fishing!

_britishairways.htm - flown to tradedoubler!

_oddbins.htm - gone for a drink!

_thehut.htm - the shed has moved!

_talkwol.htm - no link-page needed for Talkworld Mobile Phones as there is a direct link

altav1.htm - was a dedicated e-mailing page

_panason.htm - expired due to use of generic text link

_ritzcam.htm - Ritz Camera discontinued. We are not happy about them not paying us for work already done!

_gator.htm - affiliate program unacceptable, so removed until this is sorted out.

_affrock.htm - The affiliate program of Affiliate Rocket - GONE!

_411web.htm - Regional discrimination ?

_411veg.htm - Regional discrimination ?

_1search.htm - Disappeared!

_virgwin.htm - moved to OMG!

10 Dollars.com link page - ???

_resbo.htm - mysteriously gone

_virtualbank.htm - mysteriously gone

_quantac.htm - http the newspaper - gone

_dirtbag.htm - See Dirtbag Clothing Inc

_outsmt.htm - OutSmarted was with PlugInGo

_orgsprc.htm - Organic Sprouts in Capsules - again PlugInGo

_mygeek.htm - That's also gone!

_maxlot.htm - Max Lotto - replaced by other Gambling Links

_luckys.htm - not so lucky for the casino

_evileys.htm - Eye eye, they've gone!

_imfict.htm - Immediate Fiction - it is no longer true

_hempmas.htm - Hempmasters. Gone up in smoke?

_philips.htm - Philips. Have they been converted to flat head?

_greenf.htm - Greenfingers. They've become weeded up!

_revacne.htm - see Reversion Acne

_farm2m.htm - Farm 2 Market - PlugInGo again!

_elinux.htm - see Linux instead.

_eat-sl.htm - Eat Sleep Music - see Music

_befree.htm - BeFree - see Affiliate Companies

_biztrac.htm - Biz Travel Club - see TRAVEL

_bengolf.htm - Benson's Golf - see GOLF

_argos.htm - see ARGOS

_babaysit.htm - Baby Sitting Circle

_mumcare.htm - see Mothercare

_scimshop.htm - see Science Museum Shop

_allab.htm - All Aboard Casinosubstitute image for moved JPG

_innov.htm - although Innovations Catalogue has gone, there are other gadget shops available

_fossil2.htm - see Fossil

_webgeni.htm - Web Genius

_zurich.htm - Zurich insurance

_si-trad.htm - no site is an island!

_c2it.htm - See c2it

_ushome.htm - America Homes

_top50to.htm - that's gone as well

_cedar.htm - Gone! See Furniture

_ikobo.htm - Gone! See Finance, Credit and Money

_russper.htm - Russian Periodicals

_denplan.htm - Filled in!

_normans.htm - unlike the affiliate program, Normans Music still lives on.

_tiscali.htm - See Tiscali

_zurich.htm - See Zurich

_watston.htm - See Waterstone's and other bookshops

_musicyo.htm - Music Yo?

_dominop.htm - Domino's Pizza

_2get.htm - 2 get stuff - gone!

_ft.htm - see Financial Times

_ushotel.htm / USA Hotel Guide - page discontinued amicably

_1direct.htm - We are on good terms with first direct bank and hope to resume advertising soon.

_awin.htm - It turns out we can optimise-out the AffiliateWindow link-page, as the links are generic and require no banners!

_unbeat.htm - Unbeatable Deals - gone!

_gadghub.htm - hubba hubba!

_gemshin.htm - I wonder what's happened to Gemshine

_orgsprc.htm - (via PlugInGo). But Organic Sprouts in Capsules still exists at Immunoquest

_adirect.htm - see Additions Direct

_natexp.htm - to go by bus, see National Express

_furnfan.htm - Discontinued!

_staples.htm - see Staples Office Supply

_intworl.htm - Discontinued!

_frdhger.htm - was with CJ but now independent affiliate program - see Fred Hager

_phone4u.htm - was with Tradedoubler but now Affiliate Window

_virmega.htm - was with DGM PRO but now have come back to DGM PRO!

_cellnet.htm - I wonder what's happened Cellnet's affiliate program. See BT eShop

_betzone.htm - Seems to have disappeared at CJ - see Bookies

_klmhot.htm - see Lodging.com instead.

_banansh.htm - see BananaShoes

_abound.htm - see Abound

_corgi3.htm - see Corgi models

_coregal.htm - see Corus Hotelssubstitute image for moved GIF

_vikingd.htm - see Viking Direct

_landsend.htm - see Lands End Clothing

_penguin.htm - see Penguin Books

_misco.htm - see Misco

_alphtel.htm - see Alpha Telecom

New England Hotel - obsolete page


_annsummers.htm - see Ann Summers

_autorola.htm - see Autorola online car auctions

_klmfly.htm - see KLM airline

_boots1.htm - see Boots the Chemist

_reebok.htm - see Reebok

_whsmith.htm - see WH Smith

_co-op.htm - see Co Op Electrical

_rohan.htm - see Rohan Clothes

_eycolor.htm - see Coloured Contact Lenses

bizca1n.htm - see bizca2n.htm instead.

_eyetrek.htm - see Photographic Equipment


_harrods.htm - see Harrods (Knightsbridge, London)


_movigal.htm - See the Video page instead.


_blades.htm - See Skateboard page instead.

_peopsnd.htm - see Music and CD/Record Shops

_treking.htm - see Outdoor Category

Part-discontinued _lunpoly.htm link page - see Lunn Poly

Part-discontinued _virgin.htm link page - see Virgin

_bupa-uk.htm - Welcome back BUPA!

_lottery.htm - see the UK National Lottery

_broncos.htm - see the Denver Broncos here.

_avon.htm - see Avon Beauty Products here.

_scotpwr.htm - see Scottish Power here.

_lucasartsstore.htm - see Lucas Arts Store here.

_waitros.htm - see Waitrose Food here.

_tesco.htm - see Tesco and other Supermarkets

_advtrav.htm - see the Travel page.

_contmus.htm - see Music page.

_hifibtz.htm - see HiFiBitZ who are with us again!

_careng.htm - see Find a Job

_xuppa.htm - see other Online Auctions

_dell-gb.htm - see Dell UK

_carphon.htm - see Carphone Warehouse

_empired.htm - see Empire Direct

_sainsbw.htm - see other Wine Merchants

_scsoris.htm - see Successories

_china-g.htm - see China Guide

_statravel.htm - see STA Travel UK and STA Travel USA

_lynews.htm - see Link Your News, or Papers, or News

fart.htm and the link page _fart.htm are thankfully no longer required.

_eparty.htm - see Party Supplies

_citibnk.htm - see Citibank and Finance

_hairlog.htm - see Hair and Beauty

_net4mu.htm - Net 4 Music

_burkespeerage.htm - see Burkes Peerage

_musimp.htm - see Record Shops

_bancard.htm - North American Bancard - see Cardservice International

_natgolf.htm - see Golf

_ge.htm - see ge.htm

_lonpass.htm - NOW RESUMED! see London Pass

_guitrad.htm - see Guitars Online instead!

_postofficehomeinsurance.htm - see Post Office and Post Office Insurance

_argosnt.htm - see Argos

_peoplef.htm - see Tracers

_manhatl.htm (Manhattan Legal Services) - see Finance

_smtmony.htm (Smart Money Select) - see a possible alternative at Forbes Magazine and other publications

_us-bank.htm - see Finance

_comet.htm - see Comet Electrical

_johnlew.htm - see John Lewis

_lloydsi.htm - see Lloyds TSB Insurance

brclique.htm - Gone because of the changes in Internet Service Providers

parafina.htm - Paramount Finance - see Finance

_mercato.htm - see Mercator, Jewellery

_imagch.htm - Imagine The Challenge - see Toys, Learning, and Gadgets

_realtor.htm - see For Sale By Owner

_nytimes.htm - see The New York Times

_nytstor.htm - see The New York Times Store

_elecsh.htm - see Electric Shop

_halfords.htm - see Halfords

_asda.htm - see Asda

_x10wire.htm - the old link page for X10 Wireless Technology. Now moved to X10 USA and X10 UK

_affutur.htm - see Affiliate Future

_freefin.htm - see Freedom Finance

_toledos.htm - see actual page Toledo Swords

_churchl.htm - see Churchill Insurance and other Insurance Companies

_argos2.htm - see Argos Additions

_adirect.htm - see Additions Direct

_50cnect.htm - see other Travel Agents

_litwood.htm - Littlewoods Index / index.co.uk - see LX Direct and other Shopping Catalogues

_priceln.htm - Priceline - see other Travel

_biztrav.htm - BizTravel - see other Travel

_strawb.htm - StrawberryNet - see other Beauty Shops

_seagate.htm - Seagate disc drives

_ashley1.htm - Ashley Skin Nutrition - see beauty and Laura Ashley

_inflinks.htm - Infinite Links

altav1.htm - adjusted.

_emf.htm - European Ministry of Finance

_thtimes.htm - See The Times

_t-xword.htm - See Cryptic lines underpin elegant Solutions

_pasttimes.htm - See Past Times

_tcho-uk.htm - see Tchibo

_tcho-de.htm - see Tchibo

_tcho-nl.htm - see Tchibo

_debs.htm - the Debenhams page was temporarily on hold but is now back in action!

Parklea - the old page is no longer in use because the new owners of the hotel have replaced the interesting website (Number1 on Google) with something that's in many ways not so good!

_aladdin.htm - See Aladdin and Allume

_homevis.htm - Shame about Home Visions moving to a company whose contract we can't sign

_hotwire.htm - The page Hotwire has been retasked.

_ll-tsb.htm - The page for Lloyds TSB - see other banks until this is resolved.

_sandppc.htm - See Sandpiper Casino and other gambling casinos

_miles4.htm - See Airlines

_miles4.htm - See Airlines

_fldntrk.htm - see Field and Trek

_123post.htm - See Posters

_jessops.htm - See Jessops Photographic - no link page required! Also see discount at Jessops when you link from Zyra's website! They stopped this without telling us.

_hmv.htm - See HMV music shop - no link page required!

_excela.htm - See Excel Air - no link page required!

_bose.htm - See BOSE - hifi for connoisseurs - no link page required!

_kodakusa.htm - See KODAK USA - no link page required!

_hilton.htm - See Hilton Hotel

_heals.htm - See Heals

both of the previous two examples left us in the lurch

_novais.htm - We are not, and never have been, part of Nova International so please don't write complaints letters here about them!

The Spam Revector page was also discontinued as we have a much better system explained for defeating spam, now at the page of choosing your e-mail address

A few others: 2albion7.htm, Wanted: Computer, Parklea7

ebay - Various link pages discontinued include ebay uk, ebay.com, ebay Canada, ebay Australia, ebay Spain, ebay France, ebay Belgium, ebay Netherlands, ebay Italy, and Baazee / ebay India

-gubunco.htm - has been replaced by _gubunco.htm , and other pages with names starting with a dash will be gradually removed. It's part of Linux-compatibility.

The list of pages being discontinued or replaced by underscore pages is detailed at the offline discon2 page.

Also see the Bunged Up page, which lists companies whose affiliate programs are lost. Many of these we would like to have new affiliate programs. This presents a remarkably good opportunity for affiliate marketing companies to expand their business portfolios.

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