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Argos Additions was the extended catalogue of Argos featuring fashion and lifestyle lines. In the words of Argos UK, talking about the Argos Additions catalogue: "We offer thousands of top brand products in a variety of categories including clothing, footwear and accessories for men, women and children, sportswear, exercise equipment and home styles"

Argos Additions was originally the Argos Fashion Catalogue, and this was such a success that Argos sold the company to the Shop Direct Group. At this point the new company became Additions Direct. Now if you've come to this page to see Argos, see the page about Argos, or if you've come here to see what happened to Argos Additions, see Additions Direct!

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Important Notice (2004/01) : Argos Additions will now be called Additions Direct as the company has been acquired by the Shop Direct group of companies. Customers please note that Additions Direct is no longer part of Argos, but part of Shop Direct, so to preserve the good diplomatic relationship we have with both companies, customers who have come to this page to visit Argos should visit Argos and customers who have come here to visit Additions Direct (formerly Argos Additions) please visit Additions Direct. Zyra's affiliate website continues to give good coverage to both companies. It's good for business and gives customers a choice of places at which to shop.

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