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Additions DirectAdditions Direct

24 hour online retail therapy

"Additions Direct has all the latest fashions - from essential holiday wear to fabulous footwear,Additions Direct not to mention key casual and branded fashion collectionsAdditions Direct - and every range features sizzling summer savers!! For inspiration on the home front, take a look at Additions new collection of affordable furniture and home accessories. Whatever you need, you will find that Additions has it all - at outstandingly low prices!"

At ADDITIONS DIRECT (formerly Argos Additions), the range includes: women's fashionAdditions Direct (shirts & tops, trousers & shorts, jeans),Additions Direct women's shoes & boots (sandals, mules, shoes, boots), women's sports (swimwear, tops & t-shirts, shorts, trainers) , babies & kids (girls fashion, boys fashion), furniture & homeware (living room, bedroom, nursery), men's fashion (shirts & tops, jeans, coats & jackets), men's shoes & boots (sandals, shoes, boots, smart boots), men's sports (tops & t-shirts, shorts, trainers), electrical (appliances, sound & vision, lighting), and what's new (womens latest looks, mobile phones).Additions Direct

ADDITIONS DIRECT is a UK shopping catalogue, and if you'd like delivery within the UK this is available online for you to have a closer look into...

Additions Direct is Live! However in 2011 we received this announcement from the friendly people at Affiliate Window: "We would like to inform you that the Additions Direct affiliate program will be closing on the 24th June 2011, but Additions is merging into another great Shop Direct brand ‘Very.co.uk". It's only fair to point out that Additions Direct is part of Shop Direct, the same glorious shopping catalogue company as Very, and so they should be able to cope. I would guess that the sorts of things you could get from Additions Direct will now be featured at the new Very. Good Luck!

Link here to visit Additions Direct in their new form VERY

www.additionsdirect.co.uk affiliate program is now with the Affiliate Window. Also see old link //// old link page //// old corked page

Additions Direct - WELCOME BACK! After a year's absence from this site, the famous Additions Direct is back!