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It seems that a great many companies have the word "DIRECT" in their name. This could be because they deal directly with the customers, or it could be for a variety of reasons. The main theory seems to be that if a company has "Direct" in the name, it implies there's "no middleman" so therefore, the customer might get the impression that they are getting a better deal somehow. Anyway, here are a few companies at this site that have DIRECT in the name...

Additions Direct - shopping catalogue

Aircon Direct

Autobulbs Direct

Baby Direct

Bags Direct

Bambino Direct - nursery

Banbino Direct

Beds Direct

Bed World Direct

BKT Direct - Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment

Blooming Direct

Book Direct Rooms

Books Direct

Bradshaws Direct - garden water features

BT Business Direct

BTR Direct - DVDs

Calendars Direct

Candy Direct

Cancer Research UK Direct Giving

Caraselle Direct - home gadgets

Chemist Direct

Chesca Direct - clothes

Christies Direct - pet grooming products

Clermont Direct - formalwear

Club Direct Insurance

Collectables Direct

Contacts Direct - lenses

Cycle Gear Direct


Dance Direct

Dating Direct

Derma Care Direct

Digital Direct - digital TV

Dino Direct USA - electricals

Direct Doors

Doors Direct 2 U

Direct Cosmetics

Direct 2 Drive

Discount Furniture Direct

ehub Direct - games, toys, DVDs

Empire Direct - electrical goods

Extreme Direct - riding and skating

Event Decor Direct

First Direct Bank

Flowers Direct

Direct Foto

Fragrance Direct

From Vineyards Direct

Game World Direct

Garden Buildings Direct

Gardening Direct

Garden Centre Direct

Glasses Direct

Golf Gear Direct

HCS Direct - electrical goods

Healthy Direct

Holiday France Direct

Direct Holidays

Direct Holidays Ireland

Homes Direct 365

House Numbers Direct

Hughes Direct - satellite equipment

Identity Direct

ING DIRECT savings account UK

Ink Xpress Direct

Direct 2 Insure

Ironmongery Direct

Jeans Direct

Kitchens Direct

Laptops Direct

Direct Light

Lighting Direct

DirectLine - Holidays

Direct Line - Insurance

Direct Line Car Insurance

Direct Line Home Insurance

Direct Line Home Rescue Cover

Direct Line Landlord Insurance

Direct Line Life Insurance

Direct Line Pet Insurance

Direct Line Travel Insurance

Direct Line and their red telephone and mouse on wheels

London Theatre Direct

Make-up Direct

Malta Direct - arrange tourist visits to the historic Mediterranean Island of Malta.

Maze Direct - classic handbags

Medilife Direct - medications

Mercury Direct - holidays

Mix Direct - Canadian innovative products

Mow Direct - lawnmowers and other machines

Music Factory Direct

New Homes Direct

Outdoor Toys Direct

Papermill Direct - wedding stationery etc

Pentagon Direct - sheds, DIY and Trade tools

Peony Direct - silk flowers

Perfume Plus Direct

Pet Pals Direct

Phonebox Direct - mobile phones

Direct Phone Shop

Postal Plants Direct - gardening supplies in Jersey

Postal iPod Direct - iPods from Jersey

Power Direct - electronics

Power Play Direct - CD and DVD shop

Direct PVC Windows

Roller Doors Direct

Rolawn Direct - turf

Rugs Direct 2U - rugs

Sheds Direct 2 U

Shoes Direct

Shuttle Direct EU

Shuttle Direct USA

Direct Soccer

Sofas Direct

Sparkling Direct - champagne

Stationery Direct

Suit Direct - suits

Super Tramp Direct - trampolines

Tarpaulins Direct

Team Direct - trainers

Thane Direct - "as seen on TV" products

Theatre Tickets Direct

Travel City Direct

Direct Travel Insurance

Direct Traveller - North Cyprus

Direct TVs

DirecTV - Rapid Satellite

UK Flooring Direct

UK Life Direct Ltd - Life Insurance

Uttam Direct - clothes

Viking Direct - office supplies

Vin Vino Direct - wine

Voyager Travel Direct

Warranty Direct

Watercoolers Direct

Women's Healthcare Direct

Wooden Blinds Direct

Yumi Direct - cute outfits

...How about that?! Quite a lot of companies have "Direct" in the name. Incidentally, because of the way the Linux program works here, in effect it's doing ls *direct*htm , and so this page has to link to itself. And also, the Redirect Page gets included, and also Leisure Direction which has "direct" as part of "Direction". Nevertheless, there are quite a lot of pages which happen to have the word "direct" in the name, and some of them represent companies which are so named. This website has dedicated pages about them.

Direct Drive is a philosophy, released as shareware on this site.