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first direct bank

first direct current account acquisition advertised at Zyra's affiliate website

This page carried an excellent advertisement for first direct bank, extolling the virtues of the first direct bank offer and giving account of a personal customer testimonial. We look forward to doing business again with first direct bank when the affiliate program is reviewed, and it is hoped that the page will be restored to yet again be mutually good for business!

Information for customers: website address: http://www.firstdirect.com

The new affiliate program is with OMG UK and we look forward to being accepted on the affiliate program!

When considering a website on an affiliate program for a financial company it helps to see how many useful financial contacts it has and also how many famous names and shopping places are being promoted in a helpful way! If it's good enough for the affiliate program of the Financial Times, it is surely good enough for the bank!

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In the meantime, see the Alliance and Leicester Commercial Bank

There is an additional point to consider, which is FREEDOM OF SPEECH. This website features honest reviews and commentary on a variety of subjects and it's usual for a company to have material written about it. In the case of First Direct Bank the place had a customer testimonial which spoke well of the place. But, according to some of the people at First Direct, this is not allowed because of the FSA. Well they're wrong in blaming the FSA. We've spoken to the FSA and they are quite happy for honest critique to be put online (provided it's fair and true of course!). Personal experience of a bank is allowed to be aired. The FSA (Financial Services Authority) are in the business of eliminating misleading advertising, not silencing free speech and honest review. More about the FSA / Financial Services Authority here.

First Direct Bank are not unique in misunderstanding the FSA, and there have been several other cases, although fewer than there used to be. Some other affiliates have expressed this problem less delicately than I have, and I could show you some comments at some time.

Meanwhile, if you'd like to see a personal review / customer testimonial of a company in the finance/insurance sector, there's a nice Insure & Go customer testimonial for you to look at. (a UK Insurance company has the same FSA and has to abide by the same FSA rules as First Direct). Incidentally, I have been in touch with the FSA, and they are well aware of the distinction between advertising copy and review material

If First Direct update their policies and will allow Zyra's website on their affiliate program and allow freedom of speech, a good diplomatic solution could be reached which could let some dignity be preserved: There could be a separate page for the customer testimonial commentary and another for the advertisement for the bank. Similar situations exist for Iceland, Harrods, Kroll, Jessops, Insure&Go, Argos, Haven, and a few other companies featured at this site!

It's a shame that this has been bunged up, but if First Direct can't cope with people writing about them, that is their problem. Other banks do well here.