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Banks and other financial institutions

This is an INTERNATIONAL feature

HSBCCo-Op Bank - customer led, ethically guided
Also see HSBC Bank Account , HSBC Bank Account Plus , HSBC Home Insurance , HSBC Car Insurance and HSBC Credit Cards , plus HSBC Offshore Bank Account

Also see Barclaycard, Barclaycard BusinessHSBC
AND for business start-up see the Clearly Business CD
Help stop card fraud online with Barclaycard Trading Remotely

Lloyds TSB (UK)
Also see
Lloyds TSB Insurance and ING DIRECT (USA)Lloyds TSB Bank Account and Lloyds TSB Student Account

Lloyds TSB International

BarclaycardIndependent Finance

US Bank

Citibank (UK)Alliance and Leicester
Also see Citibank International foreign currency accounts

International Netherlands Group DIRECT // ING DIRECT (USA)

Alliance & Leicester - Premier Direct Current AccountU.S. Bank
Also see Alliance and Leicester Commercial Bank Business Account
and Alliance and Leicester Savings Account

First Direct BankAlliance and Leicester Money Back Bank

Money Back Bank

CahootThe One Account

The Post Office

CitibankCo Op Bank

Santander Business Banking


Decision FinanceLiverpool Victoria

The One Account
Mortgage ManagementThe Post Office

First Plus Financial Group - for home owners, not tenants


Jubilee USA

Goldfish Credit CardThe Woolwich

Decision Finance

Deutsche Bank.de

Metro Bank
The first new UK bank for donkeys' years

Bank on Dave
Although this is a small bank in Burnley, the character running it is a hero and he is showing that banks can be run properly using proper business sense, rather than the huge corporate nonsense which normal banks are embroiled in, and which has been so bad for the economy.

ZurichVirgin Loan

Virgin Loan

West Bromwich Building Society

Chase SaundersChase Saunders Secured Loans

Capital One Base Beater Savings Account

Promise Finance Loans

Saxo Bank

Promise Finance MortgagesCapital One Base Beater Savings Account


Norwich & Peterborough

B2 (was http://www.b2.com)Barclaycard

Checks Unlimited
Make writing checks more interesting!

Fred Hager
"The #1 performing investment newsletter in America"

Abbey NationalCapital One UK

Bradford & Bingley 0800 113333 UK


Jubilee USANorthern Rock

Giro Bank

EGGAlliance and Leicester Commercial Bank Logo

Cheltenham & Gloucester

Bank of Scotland

Royal Bank of Scotland

Bank of Mattress

BarclaycardAlso see the feature on Tax Avoidance and Tax Havens

Caution!: If you receive a suspicious e-mail claiming it's from your bank, think carefully before doing anything. There are some spam senders who fake up messages and pretend to be your bank! More about this scam can be see at the pages of Bank Hoaxes and Phishing , Bank Security Questions and Rubbish Security

Banks - castles of money. More about the wisdom of having a bank account at the review You Should Get a Bank Account. Also see separate categories for Current Accounts and Deposit Accounts (savings accounts).

Guess what? Fone Bank isn't actually a bank? Also, Bank Fashion isn't a bank. Then there's the Dogger Bank and other banks such as river banks, sandbanks, etc. Whether any of these kinds of things hold water is a matter that's open for question!