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Fred Hager is a businessman who understands the Stock Exchange and seems to have an uncanny ability to predict what investments are a good idea. But don't take my word for it - have a look at his website (which is linked-to from here at the end of the page). Fred Hager runs an INVESTMENT NEWSLETTER which you can sign up for a subscription to. This investment newsletter is described as "the #1 performing investment newsletter in America". There's a picture of Fred on his front page, and he goes on to say "Fredhager.com achieved the highest performance (+98%) of all 160 newsletters tracked by THE HULBERT FINANCIAL DIGEST in 2000. Since 1986, Fred Hager has shared with technology investors his unique buy and hold strategy that has produced an unparalleled average performance gain of +40% annually".

Here's another quote from Fred Hager's site: "If you look at Fred Hager's 22-year strategy and industry-leading performance, you'll see that the key to a successful technology investing strategy is grounded in the selection process. Having a core collection of the right companies in your portfolio, while understanding the companies' potential enough to endure the inherent volatility of the sector, can make all the difference in maximizing long-term gains, while minimizing tax consequences".

I have no reason to doubt this, and there are figures quoted on the site. You should examine these for your own satisfaction and draw your own conclusions. Fred Hager says: "While the results seem almost unbelievable, they are real, and the product of the thorough analysis of each individual security by the Hager Tech staff - a team of highly qualified researchers with years of experience in long term investing. We purchased these companies before Sept. 30th, at higher prices, but this goes to show how the right stocks can significantly outperform the market."

Outperform the market? Perhaps this requires a closer look...


http://www.fredhager.com now has an independent affiliate program