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HSBC Home Insurance

Insure your bricks and mortar with HSBC Home Insurance and you can choose whether to have combined cover or purely buildings/contents cover.

HSBC Home Insurance:

"HSBC Bank Home Insurance provides you with a level of cover suitable for your requirements – Buildings & Contents, Buildings Only or Contents Only.

Key features

- Get a quote for a new Home Insurance policy and we’ll give you 3 months free. To receive this offer you need to choose to pay by monthly instalments and you won’t pay any premiums for the first 3 months of your cover.

- Majority of claims are settled over the phone without the need to complete any forms.

- Replacement as new on all contents. New for old does not apply to clothes and household linens.

- Immediate cover

- 24-hour accommodation costs are covered if your building is made uninhabitable by an insured cause. Subject to policy terms and conditions.

- Cover automatically increased by £3,000 over Christmas with no increase in premium".

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HSBC Home Insurance

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