Microsoft VBScript runtime error '800a01a8'

Object required: 'domXML.documentElement.SelectNodes(...).Item(...)'

/entrytag.asp, line 210





If you see this at Zyra's website, then the reason is most likely that it was an affiliate link that was with OMG UK, and which then expired.

Dead links at OMG have been known to produce errors like that for some time. It's embarrassing for them having broken links, but there is an additional embarrassment in being exposed for using Microsoft VB Visual Basic!

Not to worry! There are plenty of other helpful alternatives at the Shopping Portal, the Famous Names, and Insurance and Finance, etc.

Plus, if the merchants involved were to migrate to other affiliate networks, we might be able to resume having an affiliate link with them. If you're a merchant and you plan to do this, please let us know so we can sign up to your new affiliate program!