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Zurich Insurance PLC
Without Prejudice, Zurich Insurance PLC featured at Zyra's independent affiliate website

We've always got on well with Zurich Insurance in the past, from when they were Zurich Insurance Company to when they were Zurich Insurance PLC, and when they were at TradeDoubler, and at OMG, and then later at the early Buy.at , in fact there's been a link of some sort to Zurich Insurance in one form or another from the list of Insurance Companies for many years.

This page, www.zyra.org.uk/zurich.htm has typically held a shpiel by Zurich, with a few comments added, often to the benefit of Zurich Insurance, and it's been generally good for business!

Now in early 2009, the insurance company became Zurich Insurance PLC, but this wasn't clearly communicated by Buy.at and the message looked very much like yet another of those messages about the fad of ridiculous PPC which was still popular at the time. (You'll see no silly PPC here!), so the messages were ignored along with a lot of other stuff which was being bandied-about.

The fact is, there is a company whose name is Zurich, named after a famous location in Switzerland, and it's an insurance company, so it's often referred to as Zurich Insurance.

I've been impressed by some of the things which Zurich will insure, for example your fishtank being insured against bursting due to being frozen, and if you got married, Zurich would insure your wedding presents, and they'd even insure any expenses in the unlikely event that the ceremony had to be called off. Plus, Zurich even insured the flower pots in your garden, which makes sense because your home includes your garden.

It would be nice to get Zurich Insurance PLC back on this page and to have some official text material to quote from the actual company so we can tell you what sort of insurance you can get from Zurich. However, at the time of writing there was a snag, as the company had (so I have heard) signed up to an affiliate program exclusive agreement at Buy.at . This illustrates in a practical way the mistake with having any type of exclusive affiliate program agreement, and it might be considered that as an insurance company, those clever people at Zurich would have made a better job of such risk assessment! The risk of having an exclusive agreement is that your company can become trapped in a relationship which is bad for business. This can happen if the company gets taken over or upsets affiliates or in various other ways ceases to be the best option. If you've signed exclusivity, you're stuck!

On a happier note, we look forward to Zurich Insurance PLC regaining their freedom, and at some point having an affiliate program that we're all happy with. Then, the material on this page will be replaced by something which will inform potential customers about the beneficial nature of Zurich's insurance policies, and why they might be tempted to follow a helpful affiliate link to the actual site to see about signing up to an insurance policy, whether it be car insurance, home insurance, or some other kind of insurance which helps to give peace of mind on account of the insurance company taking on the risks rather than the customer having to worry about risks themselves.

As a gesture of good will and for public information, I can tell you that the website of Zurich Insurance PLC is: www.zurichinsurance.co.uk. You are welcome to type this website address in, or you can look at other insurance companies at this site. At the time of writing, 2009/03/01, Zurich Insurance PLC had an affiliate program at Buy.at, and at the time it was their only affiliate program, and at the time there was still a problem with the Buy.at contract such that I was not signing it. The reason is quite simple: I did not agree to the contract, and I only sign things I agree to! Of course,Zurich it was hoped Buy.at would review and reconsider their contract, especially as I took the time and trouble to write a detailed critique of the contract, including comment upon a variety of clauses which I considered were unfair, too sweeping, inappropriate, or inadvisable. I also commented on clauses I considered were ungrammatical or which had connections to broken links (which at Buy.at at the time just redirected to their front page). Anyone can make mistakes, but the wise person (or company) fixes their mistakes, and where a lot of money is involved, they fix their mistakes in a timely fashion!

Please note that I am on polite speaking terms with the people at Zurich and at Buy.at , as well as a great many other companies whose future profitability is connected with this whole issue. I would consider it favourable if a good diplomatic resolution be found which everyone is happy with. Until then, we wait and see.

At the time of writing, the old affiliate link went to a rather embarrassing page (here, look, I'll show you its likeness here), to which I have appended some comments. However, I suggest instead, you either A. Type in www.zurichinsurance.co.uk and visit Zurich Insurance PLC for yourself, or B. You have a look at other insurance companies. Also see Zurich Business Insurance, although at the time of writing, that's also a page that's been bunged up. (Pages are bunged up here for a variety of reasons,ZurichZurich most often because the marketing company ran out of allocated budget, which is rather silly, isn't it?).

Here's hoping for an arrangement in future which is good for business all round!

www.zurichinsurance.co.uk affiliate program is (or was) with BUY AT

The logos on this page are of course trademark Zurich Insurance PLC, and these will be removed within a month or so if the company were to request it.

You are reading this page at Zyra's Website www.zyra.org.uk , and this is NOT an official site of Zurich Insurance PLC, obviously. The commentary on this page is by Zyra, and in the same sort of way a movie reviewer might write about what's on at the cinema, it doesn't mean it's endorsed by MGM, FOX, New Line, Paramount, or any other movie company, and even though the company had a huge budget for the flick in question, a movie reviewer may pass comment on it. Such is the nature of freedom of speech. Also see Distinction between the Merchant Content and Affiliate Content (which makes interesting reading).

If Zurich Insurance PLC decide to have a new affiliate program, we'll be happy to promote them! Provided the terms and conditions are fair, we're keen to sign up to the affiliate program and promote the company!

Zyra's website has affiliate links to several thousand different companies. You can see a few of the famous ones at the Shopping Portal and the Famous Brands. Customers like it, as it's refreshing to see someone say both good and bad about places and say what they actually think, rather than just repeat the party-line. Plus, remember, The FSA are happy about it!