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Interested in being a film-maker? on video? On your computer? See Videomaker Magazine

Film Companies

Also see Television Production Companies, and also Video shops

Movie merchandise is available from Things From Another World and As Seen on Screen. Plus, how would you like to be On Screen?

Warner Bros
Also see Warner Bros Shop and WB TV Shop


Pinewood, Shepperton and Teddington Film and TV Studios

New Line Cinema
Also see New Line Cinema Studio Store

Also see MGM Shop

Also see Fox TV Store


United Artists

Sony Pictures
Also see Sony and Sony Style Canada


Columbia Tristar - was



Aardman Animation

Universal Studios
Also see
Orlando Universal Studio Vacations and NBC Universal Store

Black Dog Films / RSA




Cosgrove Hall

As well as being that famous movie company whose films begin with the striking of a giant gong, Rank is also quite big in the gaming business, with
Blue Square

Lionsgate USA and Lionsgate UK

Buena Vista - was
Not to be confused with any other type of Vista

Film Annex
Supporting Independent Film Makers and Producers! The site can be accessed via a strange portal through floor 7½ of a site about John Malkovich

Mental Health Media


Newcomen Productions - was
"The home of good movies"

Ray Stokes
"The personal website of Ray Stokes - Newcomen Productions" - was


McCray & Greif Films / Incorporated - was

The enterprising new movie production company originally funded by selling places in the final rolling credits at the end of the movie

Blinding Edge Pictures
This is related to films, Music for film, CDs and scores

If you would like to purchase merchandise from the movies, you could always visit Hollywood Megastore.

Extra items always being added to this list.

Also see Television Production Companies

Plus, Artstead Portrait Studio (website seems to have gone) has a much better list of film companies than here! See (back soon?)

There's now a whole section about Common Mistakes in Movies

The border with movie sprocket holes in cinemoid a cliché in this age of digital? Maybe, but in the game of charades it's a hand-cranked camera! And, at least they are not out-of-phase as on so many movie publicity posters!