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These are the television production companies and you can sometimes see their names as the final word in TV shows, after the credits roll.




Racing UK

Tiger Aspect


Real World


Maverick TV

live-wire.tv - gone?


Polar tele-film Ltd - was http://www.polar-telefilm.com

True North Productions

Marcus Productions

AVI Interactive

Toast TV
A full service production company delivering corporate films and commercials for TV, web and emerging media platforms.

Available Light

3rd Eye Broadcast - was http://www.3rdeyebroadcast.com/

Bedlam TV

Way South - was http://web.mac.com/waysouth

Electric Sky

Firefly TV

Hat Trick Productions

Keo Films
Noted for a documentary series about ethics of chicken production

JMS Group

RDF Media - was http://www.rdfmedia.com/
Also see an item for RDF Media on the Gothic page

A Canadian in Europe

Clerkenwell Films - Paradox


Circlevision - welcome back!

Just add air LLP - Creative Production - Topical & Intelligent Factual Programmes



David TV - was www.davidtvproduction.co.uk

Rawcut TV

Gall commTV Group - was www.gallcomm.tv

Be On Screen
Try and get a job on television!

Flat Earth Productions

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