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The Radio Page

Originally pioneered by Marconi, radio has become a global telecommunication system long before the Internet. It's still there, in the air and in space. This is the Radio page at Zyra's website which lists various radio and telecommunication resources.

See The Electromagnetic Spectrum

And Electronics and Parts

The Spirit of Shortwave Radio


Live 365


Whole House FM Transmitter - USA

How to make a shortwave radio aerial

Radio stations:

The BBC: Now even more BBC Radio channels: BBC Radio and www.bbc.co.uk/localradio

Local Radio - BBC and Independent to be added

Radio Lincolnshire

Greater Manchester Radio

Voice of America

Voice of Russia - was www.vor.ru

Radio Prague


Heart 106.2

96.4 FM

Burn FM

Capital FM , Classic FM , Lincs FM ... more to be added and URLs found

1458 Light AM

SW Radio Africa - Independent Zimbabwe

Galaxy 102

Virgin Radio

The Dangers of Radiation from Mobile Phone Masts

Radio stations in MHz or metres? No mystery there: see the relationship between frequency and wavelength

What's going on in the 10-12GHz band? Satellite TV in the spirit of the Shortwave

RadioCAD - radio frequency design and development

Noise Fusion
London, UK based radio production company creating award-winning leading edge audio branding for the world's top tv, radio and online brands. Clients include Brits TV, XFM, Celador Television, Oui FM, BMG Zomba and Virgin Radio.

Radio Now - radio stations list? (Actually, http://listen.at/RadioNow now links to Perfiliate)

Radio interference - what you can do about it.

Radiostations.mu - remarkably large list of radio stations (Is 'on hold' according to the people at Mauritius - also see Tax Havens)

RSGB.org.uk - Radio Society of Great Britain

What is Radio Bandwidth?

Radio Transmitter/Receiver manufacturers

Pete Roberts' Radio Services - Germanium transistor radio specialist - "I specialise in repairing germanium powered radios via mail order, and stock a range of germanium transistors and other bits and pieces for vintage radio enthusiasts. No minimum order, I'll supply just one item if needed and postage for most items is a flat 50p to cover the cost of a Jiffy bag and stamp." - was http://hometown.aol.co.uk/PeteRoberts007/home.htm - lost to AOL Hometown

Radio Museum - online resource

Television aerial cable if used as a satellite cable Leaks

International radio stations to be included:

Internet Radio



Radio receivers; unusual places for

Mobile phones

Radio astronomy ( also see space):

Jodrell Bank Observatory

Arecibo Observatory


Radio agency: www.radio.gov.uk - has now become OFCOM www.ofcom.org.uk

European Telecommunications Office - was www.eto.dk

European Radiocommunications Office

European Telecommunications Standards Institute - was http://www.etsi.org

European Conference of Postal and Telecommunications Administrations - was www.cept.org

Radio Station .ru - how to set up a radio station in Russia!

Real Radio UK

Amateur Radio resources to be added.

Leicestershire Repeater Group

KD5USA - was http://angelfire.com/fl/FrenchPoint/kd5usa/

Radio that switches off when you fall asleep

G4IPE - Amateur radio Internet gateway explained: Gateway (was http://www.rdwilson.dsl.pipex.com/gateway and later http://www.rdwilson.dsl.pipex.com/)

Boston DX'ers

Radio shops and purveyors of equipment:

J Birkett

This page is being updated and there are a lot more contacts to be added. If you would like a reciprocal link with YOUR site, please e-mail and the list will be expanded!

Also see Radio Map on a frequency scale of the entire electromagnetic spectrum!

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