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Also see Catalogues and Suppliers of PARTS and Electronics Magazines


Maplins - Electronics catalogue

Rapid Electronics - Electronics catalogue

B and B Electronics

Farnell UK


Crescent Electronics


Clearly AV

Video and Audio Cables

Electrical Shops / Consumer Electronics

LINDY for connections, cables, etc.

Lindy USA

Weifang Keyuan Electronics Co.,Ltd. - ELECTRET MICROPHONE
No.67 Chunyuan Weifang China
(was http://www.wfmic.com)

Quasar Electronics - electronic kits specialist


Mascot power supplies www.mascot.no

Keithley Instruments


Integrated Circuit

Radio / Television

Hard Disc Drive

Casella Thermohygrograph

Comark test and measurement

Holroyd Instruments - specialists in acoustic emission and sensor systems for condition monitoring of equipment. Don't forget to ask if the condition monitoring equipment is compatible with Linux

Images Co and Robson Co suppliers of UFO detectors, and the Dinsmore digital compass!

Pressure & Temperature measurement www.wika.de

Also note that a lot of suppliers can be contacted via the Electronics Magazines many of which are available just by asking.

The idea that Lime Scale reduces the efficiency of electric water heaters - so where does the wasted energy go?!

High Voltage Lines ? - efficiency in I^2 R

Fruit machine bits are on sale at the page of Amusement Machine Bits

Component Suppliers


Audio Related stuff

PX4 - a classic valve/tube

How to Connect a Pair of Hi-Fi Speakers to a Computer

How to make a speaker into a microphone

How to make a television into an oscilloscope

How to make a television left right reversing

How to put up a Shortwave aerial

The difference between satellite cable and ordinary television aerial cable and why it matters

Voltage and Current explained

Electronic Junk for Sale

What to do if your electronics gadget goes in the water - recovering electronic devices from a watery grave

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