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Electrical Shops
List of electric shops, retailers who sell electrical appliances...

Laskys *Sony

Comet *

Pixmania *

Sony *

Sony Style *Co-Op Electrical Shop

Appliance Deals *

Direct TVs *

Appliances Online *

Panasonic *Comet.co.uk

Multizone AV *

Technology In The Home *

Instyle Products *

We Are Electricals *

dabs *Pixmania

Casio At Carnaby *

Canon USA *

Electric Shopping *

i-nique *

Dyscern *

Grab It Now *Meijer

Insight UK *

Electric Shop *

24 Electric *dyson

Robert Dyas *

Cheap Telly *

Newegg Canada *

Electrical Discount UK *

Skin It *

Abe's Of Maine *

TescoPlanet Vision *

Marshall Ward *

The Source *

dyson *
Specialising in spare parts and accessories for the Dyson vacuum cleaner

LINDY Electronics *

Beyond Television *

Medion Shop UK *

Sonos *

Graveyard Mall *

Ivory Egg *

Memory Card Zoo *

UXcell *

Etech Depot *

Saverstore *dyson

Go Electrical *

DVD Box Office *

Electrical 123 *


Boots - Kitchen Appliances *

Conrad *

Cables and Leads *

Birdys *

Dino Direct USA *

0800 Repair *

Be Direct.co.uk *

Kitchen Science *

Audio Technica *

Speed Sell *

Energise Your Life *

Lindy US *

Global Projectors *

Clearly AV *

Unbeatable Sale *

Yes Asia *

Electric Shopping Europe *

eMartBuy *

Tech Focus *

Jacobs Digital Photo *

Everything Play *

Electrical Experience *

A J Electronics *

Overstock *

Marks and Spencer Appliances *

Neuros *

Picture Keeper *

Stand and Deliver *

Great Universal *

Tuff Luv *

Teufel UK *

Comet Accessories *

Best Buy UK *

All Brands *

Hughes Direct *

Hi-Spek *

Tifili *

Sears Canada *

Shop For Lights *

Hi Fi Tower UK *

Crystal Acoustics *

Dollar Days *

Eco Hamster *

Bid Rivals *

Apple Hour *

Direct Foto *

Paul's TV *

AJ Madison *

Wexe *

AJ Madison *

Meijer *Panasonic eShop

Buy Spares *

Easy Life Group *

Buy Right Electricals *

Oregon Scientific *

Farnell UK *

Loc8tor *

Compact Appliance *

UK Digital Cameras *

One Stop Camera *

Memwah *

Soo Best *

SkullCandy Remix *

Clam Case *

HCS Direct *

Intoro Skins *

Electro Town *

Ziinga *

Pixmania Pro *

Extreme Rate *

eCost *

Bitmore *

Advanced Headphones *

Price Minister UK *

Visionman *

Tmart *

My Choice *

Buy All Means *

Video and Audio Cables *Argos.co.uk

Wrappz *

Power Direct *

Price Falls *

Advanced MP3 Players *

The Snugg *

Appliance-Direct.co.uk * (awin)

Co-Op Electric Shop *

Sound and Vision *

Giant Buyer *

Postal iPod Direct *

Pixmania Ireland *

Invisible Shield *

Lightake *

Eibmarkt *

Proporta *

Mini In The Box *

FM Transmitter Shoppe *

Mania Cool *
The New Name for Deal Cool *

Chantry Digital *

Crescent Electronics *

H2O Audio USA *

H2O Audio UK *

Digital Direct *


Base.com *

FreemanTESCO Electrical Shop *

Freeman *

Bennetts *

Neweys Online *

Expansys UK *

Very Asia *

Homebase *

Newegg *

Most Buying *

Seriously Sonic *

Dragonext *

Morphy Richards *

Decal Girl *

Lamps and Screens Online *

Our Green Shop *

Network Webcams *

The Twister Group *

Heart Math *

House Of Fraser *

Light In The Box UK *

Klipsch *

Mesh Computers *

On Sale *

Cdiscount *

TV Cables *Grattan Catalogue


Leekes *

The Twister Group *

Ultimate Graded Appliances *

Whole House FM Transmitter - USA *

Plasma Cool *

Arista Computers *

The Flip *

Seriously Phones *

4 Electronic Warehouse *

baby monitors direct *Panther

hardware.com *


AFA Systems *

Tribal UK *

One Click Pharmacy *

BOOTS Electrical Shop * Welcome Back!

Air N Water *

LX DirectGrattan *

And LX Direct * which is part of the Littlewoods Group

Casa Gala - Panama - the goods may be cheaper, but there are issues about salesmen saying things which later turn out not to fit facts

There are a few dead links, so we've put them on a separate ossuary page, which is the Elec Shop Ossuary

The list was here.

The preceding was is a list of places whose affiliate program had gone, but this has been archived off. You can still see, it, though.

* = Affiliate program. Buying via links here helps to fund this interesting website.

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White Goods:

Anyway, why are they called White Goods, and what are Brown Goods? Well, here's how I understand it: The expression White Goods is not about the actual colour of an appliance now, but more to do with the tradition. When washing machines, refrigerators, tumble dryers, freezers, dishwashers, were "The Latest Thing", they were white. The steel panels were covered in white enamel, or on some appliances, white paint. This made them look "clean" and "modern" in a showroom kitchen. There needed to be a term collectively to refer to fridges, cookers, and washing machines. The Trade needed a term, and the term stuck, and that's why kitchen appliances are known as "White Goods".

At about the same time as kitchen appliances in white enamel were the latest modern thing, home electricals for the lounge and front room were of a different hue. Televisions, hi-fi music centres, radio sets (originally known as wireless sets), radiograms, were designed to look like wooden furniture, and so were made of real wood, or later, chipboard pretending to be wood, or later still, plastic pretending to be wood. As the wood appearance was brown, home electronic devices were known as "Brown Goods".

Time has moved on, and appliances can be in any colour scheme. Yet, the old tradition of the categories being "white goods" and "brown goods" still remains in use. It would be a bit like cars being called "black goods" because in the early times cars were almost always black. Cars probably escaped this because there was no missing category that needed a new term. In contrast, there was a need for a term for collectively referring to washing machines and fridges, and so... "White Goods".

Time continues to move on, and when you meet a cyborg it's quite impolite to ask them if they are white goods or brown goods. Besides, they may ask you what kind of meat you are made of: lamb, beef, or pork?

Associated categories: Shopping , Mobile Phones , Hi-Fi , TV , Electronics , Components , Electrical Appliance Manufacturers and Electrical Appliances

This page (see top) is mainly a list of electrical appliance retailers, or "electric shops" as they are sometimes known. These each have their own page. You can browse around them and see what's available.