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Spare Parts for the famous Dyson vacuum cleaner:

If a dyson is your thing then this is the site for you. There's plenty to satisfy your Dyson cravings and more besides.Dyson


"You know the feeling when some everyday product lets you down. I could have designed this better myself, you think. But how many of us turn our thoughts into actions?

James Dyson does. He is a man who likes to make things work better. With his research team he has developed products that have achieved sales of over £3 billion worldwide.

In 1978, frustrated with traditional bag vacuum cleaner constantly clogging and not effectively picking up dust and dirt, James Dyson was determined to develop the technology for the first vacuum cleaner with constant suction.

15 years, over 5000 prototypes (5,127) and numerous rejection letters from short-sighted multinationals later, he launched the Dyson DCO1 Dual Cyclone™ vacuum cleaner. DysonWithin 2 years, DCO1 became the number one selling vacuum cleaner in the UK and by 1995 Dyson was the best selling cleaner.

Researching and developing new products and technology that work better is at the core of Dyson, all of which is carried out at the Dyson Research and Development Centre in Malmesbury, Wiltshire, UK.

1,200 people work at Dyson in Wiltshire, one third of employees are engineers and scientists who design, develop and engineer all new Dyson products & technology, as well as challenge and develop existing technologies. Dyson has almost 1000 patents and patent applications for over 150 different inventions.

In a survey carried out for Dyson in 2004 by BMRB International more than one in three people in the UK claimed to own a Dyson vacuum cleaner.

In 2006 Dyson continued as the number one selling vacuum cleaner brand in the UK by volume and value. (GFK Lektrak Jan 2006)

92% of Dyson owners would recommend a Dyson to their friends and family (67% definitely and 25% probably) - Dyson Brand Tracker - Synovate Nov / Dec 2004".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:DysonDyson

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Please Note: The dyson site is aimed at selling spare parts and accessories, rather than machines. Therefore, if you are after the machines themselves try our Electrical Shops page.

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Dyson Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaners are hemisphere independent, so no worries about which way water goes round down plugholes etc!. Sadly, the program has now finished and the page has had to be Bunged Up. In the meantime, for alternatives please visit our Electrical Shops page.

Thanks Dyson! In October 2006, Zyra's website sold more Dyson spares than any other affiliate, and so won the prize for best Dyson spares affiliate of the month, a Dyson DC15 vacuum cleaner! This will be greatly appreciated!

As I am emigrating from the UK to Panama, and the voltage there is 110 volts, the Dyson vacuum will probably have a transformer specially put into use. Update 2012/04: This has happened.

DysonWell Done to Dyson for having a good technical support department! This is very good for business, as people know that if they buy a Dyson vacuum cleaner, they can call the experts and get advice. I think this is a sign of a considerate company.