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Lamps and Screens Online

Lamps and Screens Online

Get yourself some real big screen entertainment, by visiting the Lamps and Screens Online website. Forget Plasma, get yourself a projector!

Lamps and Screens Online:

"Lamps & Screens Online, LLC is a privately owned and registered United States company which owns and operates the Lamps and Screens Online online store. Lamps and Screens Online through Lamps & Screens Online, LLC has been authorized by industry leading distributors to provide original parts by the manufacturer.

Our Mission:

Lamps and Screens Online was formed as a specialty e-commerce provider of projector lamps, and our mission is to deliver an unmatched online shopping experience with our core focus on quality customer service.

About Lamps and Screens Online:

This store is founded on an extensive database of our best-selling OEM Projector Lamps, Generic Projector Bulb Replacements, Compatible Projector Lamps, and the full line of Genuine Compatible Projector Lamps for all LCD, DLP, and LED Projector Systems.

Our Promise:

Lamps and Screens Online takes great pride in our uncompromised business integrity, and we greatly value and respect the trust of our customers. We have policies and procedures in place to protect your privacy, and guarantee your purchase.

When you shop at the Lamps and Screens Online Online Store, you can be assured of making a purchase in a safe and secure environment, and that you will be purchasing and receiving the product that is described on the site.

We strive to make our stores as customer friendly as possible. Our goal is to help guide customers on their purchase".

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:

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Lamps and Screens Online

http://www.lasollc.com/ affiliate program is with Commission Junction

Incredible as it may seem, the link http://www.anrdoezrs.net/click-779027-10779852 has expired which means their affiliate program has expired so therefore this page has had to be bunged up and we don't get to know until the links just disappeared. Of course the Lamps and Screens company would be welcomed back if they had a new affiliate program. In the meantime, there are a few places you can get lamps here, via the lighting page, and as for screens, well there's clearly av , and probably a few other places from the Video/TV shops page.