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Lighting and illumination, industrial, home, decorative, etc. Also see Optics the science of light and the optical spectrum

Star light sourced locally

Wax-powered illumination

Home Accents
Various decorative home ideas

Museum Lighting
Discussion of the low light conditions in museums

Stage Lighting and professional sound equipment
Music performance and STAGE LIGHTING equipment available from PSSL

100 watt bulb
We protest! How dare the governments ban them!

Docklands Electric
New Age Lighting.co.uk - Useful home lighting affiliate link

Fluorescent Lamps
Do they really use that much electric on start-up?!

Boston Stump / Great Wall of China
Curious misconceptions explored in startling detail

The Glow Company
Things that do glow in the dark!

Stylish Lighting

Lamp Shop Online
Supplier of lighting spares

Festive Lights
Celebrate with lights

Light Rabbit
Helping you economise without compromise

1-800 Lighting
The website for Capitol Lighting

Britain’s largest online lighting store

Wholesale LED Lights
Energy efficient LED lighting

My Bike Lights
Bikes need lights too!

Castlegate Lights
Not lights from the castle gates!

Photographic and Lighting

Ace Lamps
Stylish interior and exterior lighting

Shop For Lights
A lights shop

Jim Lawrence
Period lighting

Interior and Exterior Lighting

Littman Bros
Fans and Lighting

All Lit Up
Shop for a lighter home

Solar Lantern and Flashlight

LDJ Lights
Lighting and yet more Lighting!

Lighting Catalog
Catalogue of lights

The Light Shop
A shop of lights

Night Sky Lanterns
Alternative garden lighting

Lights Online
They sell lights online!

Leading UK lighting!

Professional medical SAD (seasonal affective disorder) LAMPS to defeat the winter blues

Xenon high-powered car lights
from such places as
Power Bulbs and Auto Bulbs Direct and Performance Lights. Such high powered car headlamps are much more BRIGHT than those on normal cars.

Lighting Direct
More lights than you can shake a stick at!

Easy Lighting
Will you see the light?

Daylight Lamps
Lights for just about anything!

Direct Light
Lights direct to the door!

Furniture mainly, but they also sell lamps!

Energy Efficient Lightbulbs
It's true, they really do save money by using less electricity.

Bluebell Industries Ltd
Lenses for Fibre-optic lighting. Fire polished lenses are used extensively by Fibre-optic Lighting Manufacturers. Visit Bluebell Industries Limited website for contact details.

All Up And On
Suppliers of lighting, especially of the Economy Bulb type

Streetlamp switched on by a Bird
A pigeon can sit on top of the lamp where the sensor is, and the lamp goes on!

False Lights
Wreckers that lured ships onto the rocks? Some evidence considered.

Everlasting Lightbulb
or at least "Long Life Lamp"!

Picture of Zyra with the Millennium-safe candle
(that's just a weird picture)

The dark side of Lighting is to be seen in the hazard to Astronomy known as light pollution!

Absence of lighting - darkness. But, Is it true that Cats can See in the Dark?