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Night Sky Lanterns

What a fantastic idea! Take a look at Night Sky Lanterns, their products are sure to be a great talking point at your next outdoor party.

Night Sky Lanterns:

"Night Sky Lanterns are a great alternative to fireworks or candles. Biodegradable and able to float for around 20 minutes and for up to 15 miles they create stunning and spectacular night skies.

Perfect for parties, weddings, carnivals or for any special occasion, they will create a memorable and truly picturesque part to your event. Available in a variety of colours and shapes you can find the perfect lantern for your party.

First used hundreds of years ago by Chinese soldiers as signalling devices they have been picked up over the years by many different cultures and religions looking for not only beautiful but spiritual objects for sending wishes to heaven. There are now world famous sky lantern festivals that fill the night sky with lanterns of all colours and shapes.

Night Sky Lanterns are a great alternative or a fantastic edition to any night sky!"

If you have been tempted by this, here's the link:


Night Sky Lanterns

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