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"Results Through Relationships" is the motto of WebGains, a new affiliate marketing company in 2005 created by some of the people who were well known names at Affiliate Window. Although Webgains was an offshoot of Affiliate Window, it quite quickly diversified and became its own style of company, with its own identity.

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It sometimes helps to mention Zyra put the word in.

By the way, this is a merchant recruiter program! Webgains should also have an affiliate recruiter program as well! Ah yes, but Webgains USA now has an affiliate recruiter program!

From an affiliate perspective, it's worth knowing that Webgains is a Low Fuss Network. Also, there are some special things about Webgains which give it the edge on many of its rivals. For example, when you receive your affiliate payment cheque, you get a complete printed itemisation of all of the merchants who have done any good at your site, and next to them the amount of commission each has made for you. This is helpful in deciding where to make adjustments to your affiliate website