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Webgains USA

Webgains USA is part of the international affiliate marketing which goes on with the Webgains network, but most notably the merchants listed in Webgains USA are in the United States. Of course the affiliates are all around the world, Stars and Stripesbut their websites can be seen in the USA, so customers in the USA are likely to have a look around and then visit the merchants.

It's good there's an affiliate recruiter program, and in the words of Webgains USA: "Webgains USA offers affiliates the opportunity to earn money by referring other affiliates to the Webgains USA Network. You can now earn $'s for every transaction that your referred affiliate makes on any Webgains USA program. You will be rewarded for all their transactions for the first 6 months after they sign up. Please note that you will only be rewarded for transactions that occur on the Webgains USA platform.

Place one of our graphic images or text links on your site and start earning today!

Webgains Benefits:
• Webgains is free to join and easy to use.
Stars and Stripes
• We offer our affiliates access to more than 900 of the top online retailers.
• Comprehensive Detailed Datafeed System.
• Weekly Payments.
• 24/7/365 Support Team.
• Advanced Coupon Tracking and Reporting Tool.
• Cookie-less Tracking Technology to track up to 8% more sales than cookie only tracking systems.
• Role Based User Access.
• Patented iSense Semantic Content Units
• Multiple Website/Campaign Tracking.
• Real-time and Scheduled Reporting Technology.
• Check, Paypal* and Direct Bank Payments.
• Itemized Traffic Reports.
• And much more!

As always, we welcome feedback about our service and technology. If you think we could do with updating our technology or creating a new tool to help you increase your business using affiliate marketing, we would love to hear your thoughts!"

It is this last point, the bit about Webgains listening to what affiliates think, that gives a clue on why Webgains has been doing so well and expanding so prodigiously.

So, if you'd like to sign up to promote companies in the USA on your website, via Webgains is a low-fuss network, here's the helpful link...Webgains USAWebgains USA

Webgains USA Affiliate Referral Program

Sign up, put some links up, and be patient, as those dollars will most likely start coming in after a while.

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