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Boston Stump

Boston Stump is the tallest parish church tower in England. Or is it?. At 272 feet, the high tower stands out in the total flatness of Lincolnshire UK. If you're visiting Boston Lincolnshire you can't help but see it. And at night, Boston Stump is spectacularly lit up, bringing complaints from ground-based astronomers and spacemen flying over in orbit. There is good news, however, as it is said that the light pollution is not as bad as it was!

This photograph is a composite image created by taking a photo of the top half of the church and another of the bottom half, and then carefully turning them and equalising the contrast/brightness/colour-balance, and then joining them and spraypainting the gaps. It seems a bit odd to spend hours of work which can not be seen, but it was the only way of getting a shot that was right. Of course now I've said that, you'll probably look for the join. But you'll probably not find it. It's not obvious.

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The address of Boston Stump is 1 Wormgate, Boston. Therefore it's postcode is PE21 6NP, number 1.

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It is a known fact that over the years, many people have jumped off The Stump. It is presumed that most of these have been cases of suicide. This is not unusual, as landmark structures in general are often chosen as sites for suicide. The structure isn't to blame, as people make their own choices in life.

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At the base of the tower of Boston Stump is a set of marks which indicate the water levels of various floods which have occurred in history. At the time of writing this (2008), the highest mark was the most recent, the evening of the 11th January 1978. I saw that flood myself, and it is my belief that it will not be the last, nor the highest, in times to come.