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Architecture, building, and construction

Design and construction of buildings and other edifices, the building business, artistic practical architectural design. Buildings need to look good and be functional too. Someone said that houses are machines for living in. Artistic tastes for architecture vary considerably, but the same laws of physics apply to the engineering. Structure has to make sense.

In the building business, some of the suppliers of necessary equipment and supplies are also featured at the page of DIY suppliers, and for interior decor there is the home category.

Architecture is an art form.

More about the making of buildings at the category of Building and Construction

Also see resale of buildings: estate agents

All Steel Corp: Link removed as they failed to link back as agreed! - "saves you money on steel buildings and metal buildings. We'll get you all types of metal buildings that you need at closeout and liquidation prices".

Never mind, their loss is Trimetal's gain. They have "been established for over 35 years and are firmly placed as Europe's leading producer of quality metal storage buildings and metal garden sheds".

Instant Download Shed, Barn, Cabana, Workshop, Garage, Cabin, Small House, Pergola & Deck Plans With Materials List. - was http://storageshed-plans.com/?hop=zyra1 - another sad loss because of a Clickbank Problem

Estimates for architecture and building from Calfinder

"Select the right candidate for your business with Creative Pool. They are your online source for staff in the creative industries" - see Creative Pool - jobs in architecture etc.

Architecture software : Autodesk

Other construction related items: double glazing, bathrooms, kitchens, etc.

Some interesting examples of contrasting architecture can be seen in juxtaposition at the British Museum, and there are pictures of various examples of interesting architecture at Zyra's site including The Millennium Dome, Boston Stump, and the diverse skyline of Manchester. Plus, the neo gothic architecture of St Pancras in London, and interesting buildings such as Scarborough Station and notable landmarks such as The Rotunda in Birmingham and the Post Office Tower in London. Much historic architecture in Britain is conserved and preserved by the National Trust, who are happy for you to look around if you are careful. Membership is available.