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Millennium Dome

 SOLD! For Sale:

Deceptively spacious building in the centre of town, close to local amenities. Used for a year and then vacated. Genuine reason for sale. Ideal opportunity for DIY or conversion. Mains electricity and hot & cold running water. Parking space for cars. Close to the railway station.

The link used to be to here: Millennium Dome with a warning about having to set FAVOURITES first, as the site mucked-up the "BACK" link on some browsers. But this website has now GONE! This is no way to run a Millennium. It's not some Hogmanay that's gone the next day; it would have been more appropriate to make something that would last a THOUSAND YEARS.

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Spectacular building, deserving of a better future. Let's hope something really good is done with it!

GOOD NEWS! (2002) The Millennium Dome is being put to good use as a music venue for spectacular events! It's now the O2 Dome!

O2 used to be Genie Mobile, but that was a while ago.

Incidentally, the Millennium Dome is not on the Isle of Dogs, but on the Greenwich Peninsula, which is to the East of the Isle of Dogs.

Also worth mentioning is that in November 2000, an attempt was made by robbers to steal the famous Millennium Star, a diamond larger than the "Pink Panther" in some famous fictional stories. The robbery was well planned, but the police operation was even better planned and the robbers were caught in the act, and were jailed. Now surely this would make a good movie? Besides selling a lot of cinema tickets and a great many DVDs, it would also help the PR of the police. It's nice to see the police catching crooks, rather than being a nuisance to motorists and to people who choose to smoke their own houseplants! To make a movie about the foiling of the Millennium Dome robbery would have various advantages: For one thing, the spectacular landmark would make a good setting (without having to patch it up on cgi), and also most of the Plot is already written, having actually happened.