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LONDON, remarkable architecture just along the road from more remarkable architecture, and then mile upon mile of it. Here's a few shareware digital photographs of some well-known landmarks: ...

Tower BridgeTower Bridge (picture taken from the vantage point of London Bridge) To see a larger version of this image see this or to see some more about Tower Bridge see Tower Bridge

Millennium DomeThe Millennium Dome. To see some more about the dome see Millennium Dome

Big BenThe clock tower of Big Ben. (The name "Big Ben" is not that of the tower but of the BELL). To see some more of this see Big Ben

London EyeThe British Airways London Eye - a big wheel in the middle of London. To see some more of this see the London Eye

LondonA view from the top of a London bus going through Westminster, near the clock tower of Big Ben, with the London Eye visible across the other side of the river Thames. To see a larger image have a closer look

Picture of LondonAnother typical London picture. To see a larger image have a closer look

Post Office Tower / British Telecom TowerLink here to see more about Post Office Tower

Tower BridgeLink here to see more about Tower Bridge

The Tower of LondonLink here to see more about the Tower of London

St PancrasSaint Pancras, the old hotel. Impressive building! To see a bigger picture, see Saint Pancras

Paddington StationThough not generally thought of a tourist attraction in itself, Paddington Station is quite impressive too!

Harrods in KnightsbridgeHarrods, that swanky department store in Knightsbridge, is a place some people go to marvel at. Make your own mind up if you visit Harrods. Also see a higher-res picture of the building: Picture of Harrods

If you have arrived here by a search and would like to know more about the website which these images of London are on, see [response]

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