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Harrods in London

Palace of Shopping

Harrods, Knightsbridge, London

If you'd like to visit Harrods in the virtual world and buy stuff from the place, you are welcome to go to the Harrods page at this site!

HarrodsOther info: Harrods bags are green with gold lettering, specifically gold #CEA353 on green #405131 (Harrods livery in hexadecimal).

Also note in the picture the royal warrants on the corner of the building. I heard a story that because of the changing shopping habits of British royalty, it was required that one of the coats or arms be taken down. However, the removal did not go as royal dignity might suggest, and for one reason or another the workmen just happened to let the escutcheon go, whereupon it fell several storeys and went crashing down into the street, and on meeting the ground it was smashed into smithereens. Do you know, there are some people who have the cheek to suggest that it wasn't entirely an accident?

There is a popular myth that everything in Harrods is very expensive. This isn't true; only some of the items are very expensive. To take a simple example, a copy of The Times costs the same as from a news stall.

People whose style of appearance is eccentric (such as myself) will be pleased to appreciate that the Harrods dress code rules at the Knightsbridge store do not apply when shopping online. You can browse through Harrods and/or buy online via the following page about Harrods!

Yes, it is true! You really can shop at Harrods online, wherever you are. This is especially convenient, not only because buying online avoids the London traffic and the London weather, but also because Harrods will arrange for delivery of your order to your home. Here's the online link: Harrods

I think it's a shame that their affiliate program has come to an end.