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The Times

Quality British daily newspaper The Times and quality British Sunday newspaper The Sunday Times are now available online. You can subscribe and get access to an "e" version of these splendidly good papers and see the whole content there on your computer screen. The TimesThis costs a sensible amount of money and is as near as possible a perfect substitute for the hardcopy, except of course it is easier to deliver, seldom late, and saves trees!

All the supplements are included, with all the glossy colour pictures and copious fascinating editorial. I don't suppose you get a little brochure advertising gadgets, but you can get "Innovations" here, online! Naturally, you will get the famous Times Crossword in both The Times and Sunday Times, however you are now able to join The Times Crossword Club on-line!!

The Times and The Sunday Times, of London, are two of the world's oldest newspapers, but are also well up-to-date on new technologies. Or, in their own words: "The Times has been at the forefront of journalism since it was founded in 1785 and has always been regarded as the quality "quality", delivering coverage of the issues of the day that is fair, honest and objective. The Times breaks more news stories, has more sports coverage, than any other daily newspaper, and has become the number one paper for Business news. The Times and The Sunday Times e-papers represent another exciting leap forward - NO downloads, The TimesNO new software, NO delay - it's the simplest way for readers the world over enjoy two of the world's greatest newspapers. The e-papers are only available to overseas readers. They are a digital alternative, designed to allow instant access to the full UK newspaper and magazine content. It gives easy access via their computer’s browser to an exact representation of each edition of our papers. They can enjoy every article of the hardcopy newspaper, supplements, and access a seven-day archive. The e-papers are only available to overseas users, and as members of our prestigious on-line service, subscribers will be entitled to other, exclusive benefits. So join our partner programme today, and discover the financial advantages that The Times e-paper and The Sunday Times e-paper can offer your business!"

So, you can subscribe to The Times and Sunday Times e-newspaper anywhere in the world apart from in the UK! Yet another advantage of being an expatriate! I must admit I'm surprised it's not been made available throughout the entire world, rather than excluding the British Isles, but it's probably to keep on good friendly terms with all the local newsagents and on-street newspaper purveyors. I actively encourage newspaper vendors to sell hardcopies of The Times, and I tend to look at them a bit disappointed if they don't stock it!

The Times and The Sunday Times e-paper is new in 2005 but is a continuation of the progress of one of the world's oldest surviving daily newspapers!

"The Times and The Sunday Times e-papers ... represent an exciting leap forward for newspapers and readers who now can get easy access, via a computer’s browser, to an exact representation of each edition of our papers.

The e-papers are only available to overseas users who will no longer have to have their paper arrive late, be lost or even delivered incomplete. They can enjoy every word, every article and every supplement of the hardcopy newspaper, and access a seven day archive; all without having to download, or install new software and with no delay. It's the simplest way for readers the world over to remain conversant with what's important and never miss a thing!"

Here is where the link was so you could sign up to receive The Times internationally...

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www.thetimes.co.uk and www.timesonline.co.uk affiliate program was with Commission Junction. You are welcome to type in the web address at the beginning of this line. The Times is a paper which is well recommended by this site! It would be nice if The Times had a new affiliate program so we can get on with being good for business.

"Since 1785, The Times of London has been the beacon of fine journalism around the world. At home or at work, the e-paper is the same as the printed newspaper in the UK. The news, sport and business sections, and the supplements, are laid out just as in the actual paper".

We are reliably informed by people in technical support at The Times that The Times Online is Linux friendly and works with Mozilla Firefox as well as with Microsoft Internet Explorer.

If you buy a physical copy of The Times at Harrods in London, it costs the same as at a news stand. This proves that just because something is snazzy, it doesn't have to be expensive.

I might be interested in signing up to The Times offer myself as I'm emigrating as a tax exile because this site has done so well in the affiliate business! See Tax Havens. Also see Newspapers, Shopping Portal, and the Famous Names

I hope The Times will have a new affiliate program soon.